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Looking for Artists, pay options available, up front or royalties.

Hello everyone. 

My partner and I are looking for a style similar to young justice, or one piece. 

Basic idea of the story is that the modern city has gotten so corrupt that not even heavens angels can not be in the city because the atmosphere is toxic to them.  Demons and evil spirits control everything, yet most people believe everything is ok.   As a result God calls up a (Remnant) teens ranging from 14 to 19 with different backgrounds both socially and spiritually. A atheist, a believer, agnostic, a private believer, and an in-decided.  As God's Remnant they receive various gifts/powers in order to begin to fight back. We also follow them on their own different paths to faith, and their growth.   

We have one years worth of story laid out, and a plan for 4 years worth of stories.  Our hope is to release one book,  the equivalent of about 4 issues a quarter. 

If this  is something you might be interested in partnering up with us please let me know.



Pastor Anthony

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Well, I don't mind earning some extra income though my art style isn't young justice or one piece. It would be good to know your budget first before making the commitment.

We are looking at a per page cost. It would be color.  The first book will be aprox 80 pages as it will consist of four issues combined. 

I looked at the art you have on your page and I really liked it. 

We are trying to keep the cost low as we are covering the total cost ourselves.  We plan on utilizing Kickstarter.  Once we find an artist we plan on paying for a cover, and a few pages, then raising the rest to bring the book to publish. 

What would your per page cost be?

Typically, I would charge around $150 for a full-color page but if you are extremely tight on budget, I could help do a comic-planning draft which I could do for $2 per page.  Comic-planning is basically transitioning your written script into rough panels sketch.  Planning a rough scene plot-points progression to fit into the chapters within an 80-page comic.  

I will help cut out any unnecessary comic scenes, panels or dialogues, then amped-up the action scenes or perspectives, and try to identify possible plotholes which you could fix.  This planning techniques are commonly used by art directors in the professional manga industry.  It helps to reduce budget and time spent, avoiding any comic pages being wasted and redrawn due to bad story/scene planning.

If you are interested in this kind of service, feel free to PM me.

Awesome!! Great art layout you post up and by the way what are your rates on coloring B/W pin ups and Thumbnail? I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you. Peace my email is or"





I can do the Young Justice style and the manga style is my bread and butter. Here’s my own series as a portfolio:


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