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Hi all,

In the interest of getting my comic KYRIE finished before it's too late, I'm giving Kickstarter a shot.

Do stop by and see what the project's about!

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sorry ... here's the campaign image ...


Your art is beautiful! Good luck!

I love your project! Your graphic style is great!

How can I support you project if it's not too late ?

Hi Vladimir - I love your stuff! The comic was produced, and now it's free to read here (ch1 and ch2 so far).
If you want a high res version, you can check it out on Gumroad - also there's an extra neat illustration that shows how I do things in vector, and I'm putting up a Making Of booklet thingy on there as well.

wladimir Larramé said:

I love your project! Your graphic style is great!

How can I support you project if it's not too late ?

Matt, how is the Kyrie project coming along?

Hello Brien!

It's coming, slowly but surely! I work on it whenever I have a break. I havea few new pages done to ch2 - I think you'll be happy to see the progress I've made, even since the critique you gave me. This is a tough chapter to illustrate. I think I have the script mostly done for Ch3, and Ch4 has a skeleton but not too fleshed out. I won't bother you anymore with full scripts but I might have a question or two for you about general concepts?

Here is Ch2 so far, the last few pages are new:

Brien Sparling said:

Matt, how is the Kyrie project coming along?

Fantastic, luv your style!!;)


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