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Since going public on my Instagram account a week or so ago, the thought kept occurring to me: Now that I'm public, it won't be too terrible hard now for art scammers to find me and try to make a few little... financial arrangements with me!

In fact, since going public, so far at least 7 fake IG accounts follwed me, promising to make me famous if I simply clicked a link in their bio. I didn't dare click it.

Now, it's normal as a young artist who has big dreams to jump at opportunities to showcase their work in new places, to people they've never even dreamed would want to see their awesome art! It's such a RUSH!!! XD

That's where art scammers come into play.

They know that many of you artists want to feel that "rush." So they get a hold of you by email or some other form of contact. They say that they saw your work and would love to see it hanging on their wall. Or they would love to present to their spouse a framed copy of your work. Or would even love to showcase it at a very famous art show!

What's stopping them from doing so? They don't actually having copies of your art.

And how do they fix that? Easy: a few little... financial arrangements.

Before you know it, you're sending money to a complete stranger who doesn't really want your art, but your money! Aaaaaaaaauugh!!!

Art scams are horrible. All you artists work so very hard on your masterpieces, and I'm sure some of you would love to earn even a little money for your work in a fair and honest way. Art scammers take advantage of that and have you pay instead- an awful price, indeed! The price of a complete stranger and criminal knowing where you live, what your phone number is, what your bank account number is... everything a scammer needs to know in order to snatch away your cash!

Please, continue to work hard on your art and dream big, but please, please, PLEEEEASE be careful to not be taken advantage of! Again, you all work very hard and well on your art. You deserve to be paid a fair and honest amount in a fair and honest way! And let me tell ya, art scammers are not the ones who are gonna do that! XD


Below are some very good links to articles that have more information about art scams:

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Thanks for the advice! You're so kind! My Momma and Daddy also warn me about those people, along with people who steal artwork to call it their own. 

You're welcome! :D

Thanks for posting this, Lizzie, especially for the links to the BBB. If anyone, like me, who has (or had) insecurities in themselves (directly in their art, no doubt!) they immediately become prime rib to criminals. Information like this could save lives and wallets!

It could! XD


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