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At 4:05pm on October 8, 2019, Wayne Beeman said…

Thank you, Brien! I appreciate the warm welcome and feedback about my art page.

At 9:10pm on August 8, 2019, Jesse Hansen said…

Thanks for the welcome Brian!

At 11:20am on August 5, 2019, Carl Tiessen said…
How come you didn't respond to my emails about how I am interested and how I want to move forward?
At 1:45pm on July 30, 2019, Cris Vleck said…

Thanks, Brien, 

Glad to be here. Looking forward to pouring through the site. 

At 6:21am on July 4, 2019, God and I Comics said…

Thank you for the welcome and kind words, brother Brien. God bless you.

At 8:44pm on July 3, 2019, Joshua 1:9 Holley said…
Hi there! Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement!
Direction in my faith: deeper!
I’m trying my best to answer the Call of God in ‘my’ life,
Which currently has me as a Campus Pastor, a husband and father,
And a creator...
I’m trying my best to follow Him by following through
In all of the creative ideas/ministry endeavors He’s entrusted to me
Currently working on making Word Weirdos a reality (I’ll post more later)
And various comic ministry efforts.

What about you?
At 7:43pm on June 1, 2019, James M. Lawson said…
Hi, how do I put my own picture for my bio on this site? James M. Lawson
At 7:29pm on May 28, 2019, GMarie said…

That's is one full gallery! Wow cool. Lots of talent. 

At 8:12am on May 26, 2019, GMarie said…
Cool, I have a Bachelor's in Art and would love to share and talk art stuff. Hope to become a regular and grow my art people friends and colleagues of the future.
At 4:15pm on February 21, 2019, Femi Olowofoyeku said…

Thank you. I would

At 1:07am on January 29, 2019, Bob Bewley said…

Thank you, Brien, I am in college in figure drawing lass.  
My goal was to draw comics; especially Christian comics, I
 have drawn out the first issue and have

layouts for the second.  Though it is a hero it is a horror based Christian super hero story.  It is clever in content, because the horror genre is hard to incorporate into Christian writing.  Anybody interested in a pitch.    if so I would be pleased to chat. Thank you, Bob.

At 12:12pm on January 2, 2019, Chris Fogle said…

Hi Brien! Happy New Years! Thanks for the heads up on my Amazon author link. I have corrected it now. Please let me know if you have any issues. 

I've written a book called "Biblical Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom," which you should be able to see on the Amazon page. Thanks and God bless!

At 7:57pm on April 2, 2018, Mike Jacobs said…

Dear Mr. Sparling:

You're more than welcome. It is always a joy to see the work you do.

In regards to my hero's ability to fly, I had thought of an outward piece of equipment as well as appendages (wings), and neither seemed like a good idea. The thought I had was a cross between Captain America and Superman. The story I had was a young man whose father was exposed to a radioactive material with mutagenic properties in an attempt to produce a better soldier. It didn't work on the father, but those abilities manifested in the son, who wound up with increased physical abilities.

I did have a thought in writing this: what if he gained limited abilities to manipulate energy, such as magnetism or electricity? That would give him the ability of flight as well as other abilities to differentiate him from the heroes I've been inspired by. What do you think?

God Bless You,

Mike Jacobs

At 3:58am on February 28, 2018, Joshua Dease said…

Thanks! I have only been to one city in Croatia, right on the border. Haven't met too many people there. There is some really beautiful work happening in former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe though.

At 7:31am on February 22, 2018, monte cooper said…


At 8:21pm on January 31, 2018, Michael Frantz said…

No, I mean submit writings on this site

At 7:33pm on January 31, 2018, Michael Frantz said…

Hey, I need some help if you're willing. I know that you can submit texts, but' i'm kinda trying to figure out how. 

At 6:06am on January 30, 2018, Michael Frantz said…

Thanks for the help man, really appreciate it.

At 8:58pm on January 29, 2018, Michael Frantz said…

Thanks, I'm glad to have joined, but I'm trying to figure out whether what I have to send in. This is my latest page, and I need to know if what I have is too... bloody for this site?

At 11:14pm on December 29, 2017, PK said…

Thanks brother! I hope to contribute more.  Blessings!

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