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Update: Changing the name of my upcoming debut webcomic from Initiaite! Mechanoias! to Initiate! Mechanoiasis!.

Update: I changed the title from Mechanoias to Mechanoiasis. I found out recently that Mechanoia has been taken by someone else and I want to avoid confusion with similar titles. This new title, Mechanoiasis, makes more sense in what it means in my story anyway. I can't say any more than that, about what Mechanoiasis means, or I'll give away a major part of the story.

The full name of my comic is Initiate! Mechanoiasis!. You will be able to view my upcoming webcomic on my account. The link to my account is here:

I will leave the two illustrations I posted on the web featuring the original name and logo for the purpose of showing my process of creating my comic. I intend to use the same logo and image of my characters, just with the change in the title.

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