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     Good news! :D Got a good portion of the script for the 1st issue of FruitsVille High done today!!! ^O^ I'm really happy the comic has been on my mind more often than usual for a while. I'm going to be starting a 2nd YouTube Channel this year w/ fan-made projects with hope to plant seeds into people of fandoms. <3 But I do want to show somethings of the faith as well! :P

     So my battle now is putting my priorities first. The only ones are really my relationship with Christ and my last semester of High School - two things that stress me out when I don't do anything about them. I love the Lord and am finally going to be taking a break from most social media in order to focus on Him. Seeking Him everyday is the only thing that keeps me sane most of the time. Any time I go some time without the Word, I feel like I begin to sink down really low in life & depression. :( Therefore, I'm making a change.

     So I'm putting my priorities 1st in order to gain my peace back w/ my Lord. ^.^ Could definitely see FVH growing as a result! :)

     Hope everything is going well with you all, brothers & sisters of Christ! <3

     - Quayla C.

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Comment by Brien Sparling on January 20, 2017 at 8:49pm

An excellent and worthwhile battle; graduation for the win!    Sometimes a good friend, watchful mentor of a timer with a loud buzzer can give you the extra edge.  God bless your dedication.

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