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Understanding Islam and Muslim attitudes.

No thanks to me being sick, my 2nd and 3rd story of Modern Christians are being delayed. And one of my pens has dried up too so I am going to get a new one.

But lately I have gotten interested in trying to understand what the Muslims think and believe.

A couple of weeks ago I befriended a Muslim on facebook. And with every status update he put up, he seemed determined to disprove Christanity. Showing the flaws of Christianity, questioning and showing verses in the bible that look like "contradictions" Such as:

Paintings of Jesus go against the 2nd commandment, which is why we don't have any depiction of Muhammad what so ever.

Certain verses of Song of Solomon are pornographic.

God telling David that he was His son. Even called David his begotten son. And why wasn't David stoned like he should have been for having an affair with Bathsheba?

Why in his old age was David allowed to lie with a woman servant to keep warm, despite no sexual relations? ( I do have to wonder why couldn't his own wife Bathsheba do that?)

And theres many verses like that which Muslims use to show that what we believe is wrong, why Islam is the true way and much more.

In my last Facebook update, I mentioned I was starting to read the Quran, to get a better understanding of Islam and what the Muslims believe and why. And I thought I noticed so far that there seems to be a sort of negative, pessimistic tone. One of my other friends says she sees both the Bible and Quran as "negative and pessimistic" Then my muslim friend comes in and looks ready to ask me about Bible verses that seem like contradictions. Which was off topic to me about my status. It looked like he was just trying to start an argument.

A few comments in after trying to anwser some of his questions with the help of my study bible, I kindly say that it may take a while to anwser these other questions he has and that I am not looking for an arguement or debate about our beliefs. I was told in another Christian forum to back away from Muslims such as these which would cause division or hatered, which is what the Devil wants.

But would ilt make a good story for Modern Christians?

What if some of my characters met a few Muslims at their school? Some of them are friendly? A couple of others are determined to disprove Christanity using the same tatics and verses that were used on me and many others? Maybe a couple of my characters go in with the wrong Christian attitude and declare "We must prove the Muslims wrong!" My characters study Islam and the so called "contradictions" used against us and kindly try to show the Muslims what the verses mean. It could get into a serious debate.

The purpose of course wouldn't be to have some angry hateful debate but to inform, show what the Muslims believe, their attitudes toward Christanity and more. Though I could see my characters possibly giving up because maybe the Muslim who thinks he knows everything is pretty angry, has a sort of hatred in his heart against Christians.

What do you think?

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Comment by Sven Jacobs on January 12, 2011 at 7:23am

I think you should avoid writing a comic about an issue of which you are only a novice. One bothersome tendency I notice in Christian comics is a yearning by authors to create stories about topics they only have a cursory knowledge about.


Also, telling people they are wrong is the best attitude to have, especially if they are wrong about things that matter. There seems to be this almost unwritten rule, which I blame on modern Church culture, that says a Christian, in the field of apologetics, should fit this mold of a baying sheep without a backbone. But this is wrong. Think not that Christ came to bring peace, but a sword whose sole purpose is to divide - families against families, and friends against friends. We can be kind to our enemies, and mend their wounds if they are beaten along the wayside, but when it comes to the truth we need to be exacting and tenacious. Even in the early Church typified by Paul, a heresy so great that it would tower among the stars (ie Mohammedanism) was responded to with austere exhortation and then, excommunication. There is no example in the Bible where an orthodox disciple and a heretic shrugged off their differences and communed together. Paul advises (strongly) that those who truly follow the Christ are to try to work towards unity, but there is no indication that those following the Cross and the Crescent are supposed to.

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