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This year’s Tucson Comic Con was held at the Bookman’s Event Center in south Tucson. Bookman’s is a Arizona-based bookstore chain with operations in Tucson, Phoenix and elsewhere. This was the largest venue so far and the convention lasted two days, November 6-7. As the last couple of years Brent Hofstra helped me set up and man the table. (Thanks Brent). This was the best year so far in terms of both ministry and sales.  Ralph Miley who sends me the books included the a dozen copies of the Action Bible which were sold out by the end of the first day.
We had conversations with some of the convention goers including one dressed as King Midas. Two young girls in contemporary dress came up to the table and looked on one of the NASV New Testaments I bought. One of them pondered on whether to take it. She sit it down and after a moment came back and slipped it into her pocket. Both Brent and I were silently praying she would take it. I had a chance to speak with Steve Rude (Nexus artist) who claimed to be an atheist but we did have a good talk.
I met Rick Higginson (4),  a local Christian writer — he even gave Brent and I a copy of his book, Cardan’s Pod which I recommend. Also re-connected with Wayne Gardiner (9) who I’d met at the Phoenix Comic Con (AO #158) who was debuting his Knightngail comic. Former AO member James Babcock had his own Madame X Inc table (6) assisteed by Richard Konkle and Mike Kelly. I took in one panel about Justice League Arizona a statewide costumer club patterned after DC comic heroes (5, 8, 11, 18-20) dedicated to doing charity and promotional events. Excellent Con.

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Comment by Gerard Lee on December 30, 2011 at 5:25pm
Hi Don! Glad to hear it was a good year for you at the CCAS table and hope the young lady that picked up The New Testament comes to know the Lord. I really enjoy these con reports!

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