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This comp I did today, first time in (pretty sure) over a year I've done inks.  One of the church's I go to is asking for donations for a nearby Foster program, one of the requested items is beginner art kits for kids and teenagers. After seeing that I thought an art kit would be cool, but the best thing in my opinion to give any youngster looking to start drawing is just to draw.  As you can see from the comp, I just want them to draw.  So when I saw a black Friday deal for art kits at Blick, I bought one, drew this comp and slipped it into the package.  I figured just telling them to draw would fall short (like it did me honestly) but to see a (relatively)decent drawing just for them saying "hey, forget about everything else, and just draw" would have an impact.  I would rather see kids draw with abandon and ignore all the haters, than see them tool around afraid to draw something or even show that work to others for fear of being told it sucks.    

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Comment by Brien Sparling on November 26, 2017 at 1:33pm

Heh, Well done Landon!  Lord grant that your gift hits the mark he intends it for.

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