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“When you understand that life is a test, you realize that nothing is insignificant in your life.”  ~Rick Warren

I’ve nearly always believed that life is essentially a test and a demonstration for us.

On an individual level it is a test, but not for our Creator God to examine and grade; He already knows of our pass or fail.  When the time comes to learn of our grade we are the ones who will–in the light of pure holiness–completely understand and acknowledge exactly why we receive the pass or fail that we do and what it is that we deserve.  One day each of us will fully grasp why there can only be one fitting choice.  One cannot have true, honest love without being allowed the ability, the free will,  to choose otherwise.  In the end, it is God’s grace and our sincere attempt to follow Him in faith that will allow us to enter through the doors of His hallowed home.

On a global level it is a demonstration to us all that we cannot live in harmony with one another apart from  our Holy Creator.  One day it will turn so sour in this world that no one will be able to deny this.  We are ever “progressing” down that path and showing ourselves our inabilities.  Our hearts are darker and more self-serving than we are wanting to admit.  The key in all this struggle, pain and sorrow is in our knowing–through generations of experience and failure and through that nagging internal void–that the only proper path is God’s.

Those who pass the test and are brought in to live with God’s loving family will already know of the futility of living separate from the Creator and will understand that to love Him and follow His precepts is the only sufficient path that can be chosen, even though free will exists to do otherwise.  And clearly, those souls who have lived a life of dedicated faith while on this earth will easily follow those precepts and love as God has designed us to love.  Thus, at that time there will be no rebellion in heaven.  Never again will we need to be provided with proof of our folly and be caused to endure (once needed) harsh lessons or a casting out from heaven.  We will finally know harmony and embrace it for eternity.

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