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So in the past few months, I've learned about certain types of people and wondered if I can make a Christian themed comic of someone in a similar situation.

The comic would be loosely based on one (or a few) of these infamous internet stars who streams video games for a living. But he's really bad at them. He's kind of a loser. He refuses to get a real job and makes excuses such as " I make more money doing this than working a part time job!" He always asks for tips and scams viewers. He treats many of his fans with disrespect and he isn't that interesting to watch or listen to compared to other game streamers. He's just not a likable guy, and he's kind of a laughing stock to the internet, except for a few loyal fans who don't know better.

Can this work as a Christian comic? As a coming of age story, where maybe something bad has to happen to him where the main character gets a big wake up call and cleans up his life, maybe finding Jesus in the process?

The games he would play would be parodies of real video games, which might be kind of fun to do. We would get to see some of his playing, his commentary, his lame excuses for messing up all the time even on games most consider easy, and even include comments from the videos he posts that mock him.

So I kind of have an idea how I want the whole story to work out, but I am unsure how the ending should be and if my ideas on it so far would be effective.

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