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Looks like my last post here was a year ago. The book I wrote about then is now in print - not the pretty, comic book print I had hoped for, but a nice edition nonetheless.

"Demonica: Confessions of a Small Town Super-Villain" is a super-villain Christmas story of love and redemption. Having watched her dreams of world domination be smashed by the mighty hands of her arch-nemesis War Eagle, Demonica escapes to the main land and makes her way across the US to her home town in Iowa, a simple place where she was once known as Monica Deluna - just in time for Christmas!

Once there, Monica re-connects with her mother and friends long-forgotten, and soon she is feeling the pull back to the faith she once knew. But soon, Monica discovers that old enemies have tracked her down, seeking revenge. And if that's not enough, War Eagle arrives, determined to bring Demonica to justice. Is there any hope for a recovering super-villain in Smalltown, Iowa?

"Demonica" is an exciting first-person tale, told by both the title character and her egotistical foe, War Eagle. It also features photos of villain and hero, plus a hilarious bonus short story: "Pops Bender: Diary of a Super-Villain Life Coach."

You can read more about Demonica and other works of fiction on the books page at, or surf on over to and pick up the book there!

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