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I just purchased a book and somehow my heart resonates with it with unusual enthusiasm, so much so that I've been posting about it on Facebook and my blogs.


So why not here?


The book I'm talking about is Slave, by John MacArthur. Those of you who are familiar with his works know that he is an expository preacher. In his new book, MacArthur gives us a clear understanding of how first century slavery functioned, and what the apostles meant when they called themselves slaves (not servants) of Christ, and what Jesus meant when he calls us His slaves (such as in the well-known phrase: "Well done, good and faithful slave [doulos].").


This book is surprisingly easy reading, after having read some of MacArthur's other works. The chapters are short too, and the book is not very long. But what I found most fascinating is how this concept of being a slave of God ties so much of the New Testament together, and provides a very close analogy of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. In MacArthur's words, "Servants do a job. Slaves are owned."


Here's the promo video This is one book every Christian needs to read.

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Comment by Cheryl Ellicott on March 3, 2011 at 9:55pm
AMAZING book, life-changing message. Agreed - every Christian should read this one.

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