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Many of us spend a great deal of time on the net, and are exposed to a great deal of the world and its philosophies because of that.  This morning I came across a laudatory summary of the current thoughts of Sam Harris one of the current spokesmen for the ‘New Atheism.”

  I want to keep this short, so I’m going to dodge taking a jab at the erroneous  ‘New’ in the New Atheism label (Genesis 3).  I’m going to quickly gloss over Sam Harris’s respectable life(Wiki Sam Harris) palatable morality and politics, and reasonable arguments against religions (1Corinthians 3:18-20), with a summary that he appears to be a nice guy with a sincere philosophy free of any belief in a personal God. He has a wife and two daughters in sunny southern California, he’s a well-respected Neuroscientist and sought after speaker; and with a click of a mouse your computer can bring his smooth thoughts right into your house.    God will deal with Sam; but I am more concerned about the brazen assault on personal faith by such a nice-smart-respectable atheist.  I’m going to offer up a go-to scriptural defense that works for me:  I go to 1st Corinthians 15, the resurrection of Christ.

  Read the whole chapter 15 and feel you spirit soar but if you’re in a real hurry, go to verses 13-19. Ask yourself, did Jesus rise from the dead or not? Did he?      There’s not much more to say after you answer that question. Believe it in your heart (Romans 10:9-13) that Jesus did rise from the dead, give your allegiance to the risen Son, and the frosting of false ideologies gradually melts away.

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