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Prince, a irreplaceable talent that found immortality through his music and undying passion. His most memorable videos and music play quite frequently and recently was announced a few days ago that Prince's final songs will begin to be released to the public in the upcoming future. A fitting tribute I believe.


What was great about Prince's work was the subject matter. He did not just come out and sing about prejudice, injustice or unrest, he created worlds within his songs. Start to finish, a complete story.


The heart beat was always the melody, the instrumental which breathed life into those lyrics. A lot of songs were obviously therapy for his own personal pains. His struggles, disappointments and loses were so apparent but made us relate to him on new levels. He said the things we needed to hear, knowing that we were not alone. And sometimes, it was not until hearing the same songs over and over again that we found what were looking for.


The videos to his songs, were sometimes really good but otherwise I think it would have been better without the visuals. The visuals were in the music naturally and were easy to see from any point a view. Might look slightly different, but the feeling was universal.  He was an artist, and I am not only speaking of his time known as "The Artist" due to his unpronounceable symbol, I am speaking of his morals and ethics. Prince wanted to show that he stood for something and he did. He wanted respect and he wanted independence. Never did he deny his fans music, but still made a point by peacefully protesting record companies from trying to abuse, control and steal his God given talent. He took his name away from the record corporates, so they own him. I respect that principle.


Along time ago, I had the opportunity to sell my character, "Barnsy", to a comic press, which no longer exists, for $3,000. My family needed the money but Banrsy will not be mind anymore. I chose to keep my work and use it in the way I felt comfortable in producing. The comic press, I can no longer remember the name, wanted to make Barnsy very adult and I could not do that. My wife, Kelly, and what Prince did, showed me a better way


Of course, Prince was rich, but somehow I do not think money made him happy. His wealth seemed like a door price then the point of his job. More then a job, his passion.


Some really good dance music was made by him, namely "Bat Dance" from the 1989 "Batman film, but it was his R and B mixed with soul that I totally loved. It was the 80s and the 80s was awesome time for music.


Back in the 80s, life was a struggle for my family and we made it through but a song I will always remember cause it meant so many things all at the same time to me, was "Purple Rain". The film by the same name was good, but it was definitely the music that sold that  project. "Purple Rain", the song, took that concern a way from for a while. The fear that my family would fall apart or that I would loose everything I loved.


That song, in part, encouraged me somehow. Life could be better in spite of the hurt, answers could would be found to make things better then they were.The best part was the instrumental at the end , which goes for about 4 minutes or so which tends to be cut off when played on the radio. That is so not cool.


For whatever reason it helped me believe that life was good and had so much to offer me. Maybe I'm reading too much onto it but I'm thankful for that song. I'm thankful for God cause he gave it to us through the Artist known as Prince.


Catch you next time and God Bless.



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