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like writing a one panel comic book.

Its fascinating when you think about it like that.

To be honest. I like that better than drawing panel to panel in one page.

I like the idea of drawing one or even a two page in one picture and putting words to tell a story.

I like picture books. I am 26 years old and I still read picture books.

But I want to read one specifically for my age. 

I am not a kid a anymore so I don't relate to kids that much. I may act like a kid myself, but I have weird interest that kids don't usually have.

So I plan on writing and drawing a picture book aimed for adults.

It is not about the violence.

It is not about the profanity. (I don't plan to do that, dont worry.)

It is not about the...Raunchy stuff.

Or even self harm stuff. (Though stuff like that needs to be said because People like that need deliverance.)

It is Just something I can relate too.

It doesn't have to be christian. It can be.

But like I said in my profile. I am not as godly as one may think.

I am christian that likes dark and scary stories. Especially ones with stories.

Has anyone ever heard of frank e perretti? He was a christian who wrote horror books with christian elements. Like "Hangmans Curse".

I never read his books, but I saw a movie based on it and it was good.

I always use Stephen King as my guide of writing a story within horror. (not the macabre part)

Sooooooo back to picture books. I like comics don't get me wrong.

I just wanted to ask an interesting question even though I went waaay off.

Would that still be considered a graphic novel?

And is it wrong to be into dark and scary things even though I am a christian?

To be honest I am already at peace with this question. I am just curious to your answer.

By the way I am reading the new testiment because I can never get passed the old testiment.

Well that is all. Have fun. Be safe and have a Merry Christmas.

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Comment by Kevin D. Lintz on December 23, 2017 at 7:21am

If it is a combination of art and words, it certainly fits the definition of comic or graphic novel (although you don't necessarily even need words, think about G I Joe #21).

As for the darker tone, there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Reading parts of Old Testament can be a drag, but they are a great source of inspiration for the sadness and darkness that people went through. Also, read some Psalms which are laments or cries out to God.

The hope of Christ is that the darkness does not need to overwhelm us. Jesus has set us free of the darkness.

Comment by Yoshi Rhul on December 23, 2017 at 5:42am

I don't think it's wrong. Just because you love the dark doesn't mean you are dark, just because you like scary stories doesn't mean you want to reflect it's harm on the real world.  I draw disturbing stuff sometimes, but I'm still rather lighthearted. God made this world, he made objects cast shadows, and the shadows are dark and cold. I don't believe in vampires, or other monsters, but it is still fun to read about them. 

I like picture books too. I don't know if the theoretical adult picture book would be considered graphic novel, (I think it would) but, being a unique genre, I don't really have a clear idea. 

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