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Hi All:

Been in a funk lately, the new project is hitting snags and I have not been very consistent in working on it daily.  I was planning on posting the whole completed project once done, but since I'm way behind I've decided to post the first short issue so I can move onto the next short issue.

I set it up to have the opening spread establish the waterfall city, the main character moving there as a kid and the city as it is once he grew up and became a cop.  Odd numbered pages that follow are his memories of that first day and the even numbered pages are "life as usual" for him in adulthood.

List 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike.

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Comment by Brien Sparling on October 15, 2018 at 6:12pm

Hey Landon, Good to see more of your work.

This arc has lots of great camera-angles; your ability to fore-shorten bodies, cars and buildings with different perspectives just gets better and better. The flow of action is pretty clear, top to bottom; having the memories and present-day happen with different lighting would clarify the difference between the two even further.

In the first frame they appear to be entering waterfall city from the front;  if they enter more from the top, then both the protagonist and readers will descend into the city as they scroll down the page.

Excellent imaginative touches, really engaging stuff.

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