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Looking for a colourist soon as possible!

Hi, everyone! 

Hope all of you are good. Some of you who checked my previous post about Kickstarter campaign will know that I'm currently working on a commission for comics called "Life Or Death Saga" with a client called Frank B. Goodin, II. I just finished Issue #2 and I'm planning to finish inking Issue #3 by the end of November.

We are currently looking for a colourist (I used to work on colour but it became quite tough for me these days... So I'm working on penciling and inking only) who can cololur similar fashion as what I've done in Issue #1. Please check out a website here, to see what Life Or Death Saga is about:

Here's a book review of L.O.D. #1. This also might help you to have an insight of it:

We did find a potential colourist in South Africa, where I live, but we got some trouble such as a flow of communication isn't going well (and he's also currently busy with his academia). So we preferably looking for someone in US so it's much easier to communicate and upload works in time for Frank. Just in case, if you are not living in US but interested in this opportunity and has a good colouring skill, you are also welcome to contact me.

You are also welcome to let me know if you know someone to recommend. 

Thanks for your time to read this.

God bless and take care all!


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Comment by Youmin Park on October 9, 2013 at 2:50am

Hi Martin! That's great news! Yes, Frank is faithful Christian and his story "Life Or Death" is about an enlightening story that used ghetto background in US. Frank will explain more about this comic thoroughly when you contact him. I will email you soon so please check it out :)

Comment by Justin Martin on October 8, 2013 at 5:18pm

The comic looks tight...looking forward to reading it! Either you or Frank can e-mail me (, and I'll get the word out via my blog. I'll also reach out to a couple of the Christian comics FB groups I'm part of. Is the creator Christian? I'm asking because if so, then I'll reach out to him about doing an interview for my site if he's interested. 

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