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There is a new character beside the main bad guys who is vital to my main character’s story. Ever meet those people who claim to be Christians and while they appear to be so perfect on the outside, they are really not people of Christ’s love?

Jesus tells us that without love, we are like a clashing cymbal, a gong of noise. In other words we are just meaningless talk. After my main character rises again from his fall, this woman treats him with religious rejection. She is about her image, her agenda, and she starts to push him away from the church. She is not a true Christian at heart but is a religious legalist, a Pharisee.

One thing people like her have a problem with is manipulation and control. The Bible says control issues are comparable to witchcraft, and that is a definite no-no! We need to be careful not to push others away from the faith and church with our actions. When a member of the body falls, we must be gracious to them and reach out, pray, and not condemn them. Correct them in love and firmness but never condemn a person or hold record of their wrongs.

in the end, this woman does not remain in the church.

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