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I can't find a better place to post this, but I need advice pretty soon. I'm teaching Sunday School to a class of kids roughly 1st-6th grade age (I go to a very small church) This Sunday. The lesson is about sacrificial love, and I like to plan my own lessons. I've been reading about how we need to talk about the crucifixion and resurrection other times than just at Easter, and I thought this would be a good opportunity (the curriculum we're using has several Bible story suggestions for each theme; surprisingly, that was not one of them). I usually show a video off of YouTube or read a picture book of our story. Does anyone have any suggestions for a video or book that wouldn't be too upsetting but not too babyish? Videos should be 10 minutes or less and available on either Daily Motion or YouTube. Books should take about 5 minutes to read and qualify for Amazon Prime delivery. Please post a link to the video or to where I can order the book from Amazon. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Comment by K.G. Adams on August 17, 2017 at 8:10am
I've taught this age group in the past, and I've noticed they respond well to a 5-10 minute video of the lesson or a picture book that takes about 5 minutes to read and a craft. I was looking for video suggestions of videos and picture books that wouldn't be too upsetting for the younger kids but not too babyish for the older ones. Could you please post a link to the video (has to be available online) or a link to where I can order the picture book in Amazon (must be eligible for Prime shipping)? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Comment by Brien Sparling on August 16, 2017 at 9:48pm

I've taught Sunday school a few times at that age level...although 1st through 6th grade is a huge spread in learning abilities and maturity to put in one class. Any information you can get (from parents, other Sunday school teachers) on the personalities in that class would be a huge help to you. I also presume you will have an assistant teacher; this will help not only with dealing with emergencies bu also help  by allowing you to split this diverse class into two smaller groups.

Have a 5-10minute lesson that they teach you, followed by some way for them to show you what they have learned (talking, singing, drawing, crafting something, playing a game...something which allows them to show you what they understand/or can do with your lesson.

What you share about crucifixion and resurrection really depends on the age level ( which is why at some point you will want to split this class.)  Was this the sort of advice you wanted?

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