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So I got a new scanner/printer and I'm hoping to post something new each week for critiques or just to show that I'm still drawing.  Of course the problem is I can only scan in Grayscale and I don't have the money (or the time) to ink digitally.  If anybody has any suggestions for quick touchups that are cheaper than schilling out for a full Photoshop subscription, please let me know.

This one is older, think I drew it last year sometime.

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Comment by Aaron Uglum on November 17, 2017 at 3:46pm

A couple ways around that:

What I do, is ink traditionally, but make all my corrections on the computer with GIMP/Inkscape. If (when) I make a mistake, I just keep going. Sometimes I'll make a note to myself in the margin if I think I might miss it. Sometimes I'll redraw the correction over the error and erase the mistake on the computer. Downside is you can't really sell your originals, but it sure beats trying to use white paint/ink for corrections.

Also, if you get your pencils tight enough, you can skip inking and just scan and auto-trace to vector. (I know the artist on Ollie and Quentin switched to this at one point. Inkscape has a nice built-in vector tracer called Potrace that is a major part of my workflow.

Comment by Landon J Weckerly on November 16, 2017 at 8:34pm

I've dabbled in traditional inking, I do have a micron set.  But ink is permanent and i'm too afraid of messing something up and killing the comp.

Comment by Aaron Uglum on November 12, 2017 at 6:52pm

I use all free software for my editing. Gimp for raster and Inkscape for vector.

Do you do any inking non-digitally?

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