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      Gaborgenheit is a word that I want to hold on to.  Its such a lovely concept that it has its own Wiki page but... the word is not "sticky" in the way that some words cling in your memory. Still Gaborgenheit is worth a Deviant Journal entry.
   WingedWarTigers(Deviant Art site) recently did a really sweet gaborgenheit picture :   Misty Birthday  , which got me thinking about this word.   
       Gaborgenheit is a feeling, a combination of warmth, security and quiet happiness. You can create it anywhere, you can create it for someone else, as WingedWarTigers illustrated.  It helps to have surroundings that are cold-wet-dark or just generally miserable, to make the gaborgenheit that much more delicious.
    An unspoken part of gaborgenheit is that by its very nature, its transitory; like a warm breath it can be savored but not stored up. With some mental focus, times of gaborgenheit can be held in special areas of the memory, perhaps later to be worked into and art piece like I did on Deviant Art: Cloud Sandwhich  , but its futile to store a feeling in a possession or structure.   There is a predictable longing, a hunger, to hold onto moments gaborgenheit but the feeling is only meant to be an invitation for life's final Gaborgenheit, one that is not transitory.   When I think of God, I think of Gabogenheit as a person.
Why not; if Thunder gets to be a hammer-weilding person, if Eros and Wisdom get personalities, why not a person who embodied and eternal gaborgenheit?
    Mein Gott Gaborgenheit!

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Comment by Yoshi Rhul on August 1, 2018 at 5:39am

I haven't heard this word before! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

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