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I haven't written a journal entry in a while so I might as well, since this subject is very important to me. Though most of this journal will be of someone else's work. I'll be quoting from Chris Hedge's book "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America", since he seems to describe them better than I can. Chris Hedges is a cultural critic and what some people might call a liberal Christian. He was raised in church growing up and even graduated from Harvard Divinity School. Though he has made it clear on video that he doesn't believe in a personal relationship with God and that he thinks theres no real evidence to show that Jesus existed, he still believes theres much to learn from the Bible for good. I think his commentary on culture and war is mostly accurate. He even debated with Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, who most atheists seem to look up to. Though I thought Hedges did a good job with them and had a better understanding of religion and it's purpose, most atheists seem to act like Hedges didn't know what he was talking about, even with his experiences. I don't agree with some of Hedges beliefs and interpretations of the Bible, I don't consider him a real Christian and believe he's unsaved, but he has enough knowledge of the world and written enough information in books and essays that should wake Christians up. I recommend some of his books, and even checking out his articles on, where he puts a new essay each Monday.

As some of you know, I don't approve of the New Apstolic Reformation. They are the perfect example of extreme Right Wing Christians who want to control everyone with Christanity and they ruin our reputation and hurt the message of Jesus. I already exposed Peter Wagner, the founder of that movement in my False Preachers series, and I got another big leader of that movement that will be exposed soon for even more nonsense, probably by next week. Even the documentary "Jesus Camp" shows this extremist attitude. Anyways, here's what Hedges's has to say about the dominionism belief the NAR or any extremist Christian wants to use. I'll be skipping some unecessary parts:

"America and the Christian religions have no monopoly on goodness or saintliness. God has not chosen Americans as a people above others. The beliefs of Christiasn are as flawed and imperfect as all religous beliefs. But both the best of American democracy and the best of Christanity embody important values, values such as compassion, tolerace and belief in justice and equality. America is a nation where all have a voice in how we live and how we are governed. We have never fully adhered to these values-indeed, probably never will-but our health as a country is determined by our steadfastness in striving to attain them. And there are times when taking a moral stance, perhaps the highest form of patriotism, means facing down the community,, even the nation. Our loyalty to our community and our nation, Reinhold Niebuhr wrote, 'is therefor morally tolerable only if it includes values wider than those of the community.'

These values, democractic and Christian, are being dismantled, often with stealth, by a radical Christian movement, known as dominionism, which seeks to cloak itself in the mantle of the Christian faith and American patriotism. Dominionism takes it's name from Genesis 1:26-31, in which God gives human beings 'dominion' over all creation. This movement, small in number, but influential, departs from traditional evangelicalism. Dominionsts now control at least 6 national television networks, each reaching tens of millions of homes, and virtually all of the nation's more than 2,000 religious radio stations, as well as denominations such as the Southern Baptist Convention. Domnionism seeks to redefine traditional democratic and Christian terms and concepts to fit an ideology that calls on the radical church to take political power. It shares many prominent features with classical fascist movments, at least as it is defined by the scholar Robert O. Paxton, who sees fascism as 'a form of politcal behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humilation, or victimhood and by compensatiory cultures of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restrains goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.'

Dominionism, born out of a theology known as Christian reconstructionism, seeks to politicize faith. It has, like all fascist movements, a belief in magic along with leadership adoration and a strident call for moral and physical supremacy of a master racy, in this case American Christians. It also has, like fascist movements, an ill-defined and shifting set of beliefs, some of which contradict one another. Paxton argues that the best way to understand authentic fascist movements, which he says exist in all societies, including democracies, is to focus not on what they say but on how they act, for, as he writes, some of the ideas the underlie fascistmovments 'remanin unstated and implicit in fascist public language,' and many of them belong more to the realm of visceral feelings than to the realm of reasoned propostions.'

'Fascism is...a kind of colonization,' the Reverend Davidson Loehr noted. 'A simple defination of "colonization" is that it takes people's stories away, ans assigns them supportive roles in stories that empower others at their expense' The dominionist movement, like all totalitarian movements, seeks to appropriate not only our religious and patriotic language but also our stories, to deny the validity of stories other than their own, to deny that there are other acceptable ways of living and being. There becomes, in their rhetoric, only one way to be a Christian and only one way to be an American.

Dominionism is a theocratic sect with it's roots in a radical Calvinism. It looks to the theocracty John Calvin implanted in Geneva, Swiitzerland, in the 1500s as its political model. It teaches that American Christians have been mandated by God to make America a Christian state. A decades-long refusal by most American fundamentalist to engage in politics at all following the 1925 Scopes trial has been replaced by a call for Christian 'dominion' over the nation and eventually over the earth itself. Dominionism preaches that Jesus has called on Christians to build the kingdom of God in the here and now, whereas previously it was thought that we would have to wait for it. America becomes, in this militant biblicism, an agent of God, and all political and intellectual opponents of America's Christians leaders are viewed, quite simply, as agents of Satan. Under Christian dominion, America will be no longer a sinful and fallen nation but one in which the 10 Commandments form the basis of our legal system, creationism and 'Christian values' form the basis of our educational system and the media and the goverment proclaim the Good News to one and all. Labor unions, civil-rights laws and public schools will be abolished. Women will be removed from the workforce to stay at home, and all those deemed insufficiently Christian will be denied citizenship. Aside from its proselytizing mandate, the federal government will be reduced to the protection of property rights and 'homeland' security. Some dominionists (not all of whom accept the label, at least not publlicly) would further require all citizens to pay 'tithes' to church organizations empowered by the government to run our social-welfare agencies and all schools. The only legitimate voices in this state will be Christian. All others will be silenced."

(American Fascists: pg 10-12)

Theres more to this dominionism movement explained by Chris Hedges, which I might go more into detail another time, but this should be enough for now. I do wish to put an end to movements like this and wake up all it's followers. I look forward to your thoughts on this.

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Comment by David Duarte on October 3, 2012 at 8:32pm

Yes it does bother me that there's other so called nuts out there, even on the liberal side. But I don't want to be lumped in with these Christian extremists, sometimes even called "fundies" who seems to always make us look bad, such as their claims of natural disasters happening because of some kind of cultural sin among other things without any real evidence, their patriotic obsessions, their fasination with the miltiary. Sometimes I feel like churches brainwash us into getting us to support our troops no matter what they are called to do, with the idea that any war is good for America, supporting our military and government without question, because they believe we are the best and know what's best for the world, and yet are blind to the corruption. 

And yet, it seems that theres barely any Christians fighting back against them, confronting them to tell them they are false teachers, or if it happens, they are seen as crazy or they get silenced. There's a video on youtube for example, of some people confronting Todd Bentley of his teaching and adultry at one of his meetings and all of them get escourted out with the audience cheering. I asked Cindy Jacobs on her facebook page about her being a legitimate prophetess and her reputation by critics and my message got deleted later without any reply from her. I feel there needs to be more people who keep the Christian celeberties in check and that they are taught discernment.

Btw, if it helps, Hedges did write another book called "Moses On The Freeway" which looks to be a somewhat alternative look at the 10 Commandments, but I haven't read it.  

Comment by mike abuan on October 3, 2012 at 7:59pm

My problem here is, that, if you take out the word 'extremists', so far it sounds like the same exact Liberal rhetoric attacking Conservatives...using the same baseless scare tactics...

'oh, those crazy (conservative) Christians, clinging to their guns and bibles; they want us all to go back to the days of slavery and witch hunts and gay bashings and take away womens rights....'----...same rhetoric used don't have to be an extremist...

Anyone who has no clue about Christians/Christianity/differing Denominations/the Bible or any one who already has a biased against Christians , is going to walk away from a book like this and think '...those Jesus Freaks are Crazy!....'...cuz the liberal media already portrays Evangelicals in the same light as these so called Dominionist.

As an Evangelical Conservative , this book is threatening cuz I'm NOT supposed to be Political? And becuz I am, I'm a threat to American Culture? If the NAR  Nuts lost their rights to be political, we wouldn't be far behind. And with all the other nuts out there, trying to get their agenda accomplished, I'm glad we all get a say in it too....

Does it bother me that there are nutjobs out there falsely saying things and falsely doing things in Jesus Name? yeah...but they are 'NUTS'...what else would I expect from nuts...

Comment by David Duarte on October 3, 2012 at 1:08am

I already said I don't agree with him in certain things such as the gay lifestyle or being pro abortion, just that much of his descriptions of right wing extremists and culture are true. The book actually isn't an attack on all Christanity, just the extremists. A couple of pages shows statistics of different types of Christians and he even writes that the dominionsts biggest threat might be real, evangelical Christians, willing to expose them. Like me and many others. Theres even a small conversation with Luis Palau, in that Palau doesn't approve of the way the dominionsts do things, especially getting involved with politics so much. I don't approve of these NAR people because of their dominionism theology and they over and over say some of the dumbest things with no real intelligent thought or evidence.

And I know Jesus is going to rule the world one day. The problem with these extremists is they think they have to prepare the U.S. and the world for Jesus arrival, when Jesus doesn't need our help for that. I feel our job is just to go around the world and make disciples. Not try to control the world through government like the NAR wants. I do think militant gays and atheists are a threat though. Hedges even wrote a book on the New Atheists showing how dangerous their ideas are, that they think they can fix the problems of the world with science.

Amish keep to themselves. More than they should I think. I don't think it's wrong to read books by non-believers because theres much I can learn from them and apply to my life. As long as I am not compromising the gospel of course. 

Comment by mike abuan on October 3, 2012 at 12:34am

First of all, why would you align yourself with a 'christian bashing' nonbeliever?

Secondly, if you believe that the gay lifestyle is an affront to Gods word, or that abortion is wrong or that Jesus is the only way to salvation, you are deemed 'radical and militant' by the liberal left.

Thirdly, this book is nothing more than 'hate-speech' from the liberal playbook....all meant to bully Christians out of our Democratic right to being vocal about what we believe....and YES, that means being vocal politically if thats what it takes to protect our right to worship, share and fellowship, in a society that is constantly telling us to shut up.

Fourthly....if there is anything threatening Believers in our generation, it is not Extremism or being Radical, it is that we are too LUKEWARM and that we are constantly compromising Gods word for the sake of 'tolerance' and 'political correctness'.

5-thly...If anything is threatening our American society it is not Radical Christianity ( as Hedges says is a small group ) but it is the Militant Gays, the Militant Enviromentalists, the Liberal Socialists and dare I say Islamists?  If there was a religious movement to put women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnent, it is Islam. Militant Muslims and Shireah Law is the BIGGEST religious threat, that not only America is facing but THE WHOLE WORLD is facing now. Hedges' needs to open his eyes, get rid of that 'Christian chip on his shoulder' and get his priorities in order.

6-thly...And so do you David. Just what exactly do you think the world will be like when Jesus comes back and reigns on the earth for 1000 years? ---

---Quoting Hedges' - "Under Christian dominion, America will be no longer a sinful and fallen nation but one in which the 10 Commandments form the basis of our legal system, creationism and 'Christian values' form the basis of our educational system and the media and the goverment proclaim the Good News to one and all. Labor unions, civil-rights laws and public schools will be abolished. Women will be removed from the workforce to stay at home, and all those deemed insufficiently Christian will be denied citizenship."---

Again I ask - What exactly do you think the world will be like when Jesus comes back and reigns on the earth for 1000 years?

7-thly...where do the Amish fit in, in all this? Are they Dominionists that just keep to themselves? Are you going to rebuke the Amish for their 'extreme' strict lifestyle?

8th and last point...if you are going to rebuke false teachers/teachings, sects and cults, stay clear from books written by nonbelievers with a liberal agenda ( who lack real spiritual discernment and only want to paint all Christians in the same light )....Instead....go to your Bible.....


Comment by David Duarte on October 2, 2012 at 9:41pm

Right Gerard, I know Jesus is the way and truth, though I think by what he means as flawed are things in his view/ liberals and atheists point out such as Christians should only date/marry Christians, gays are attacked, Bible contradictions, and how God seemingly tells his people to genocide some people and other things like that.


I think the chances of no labor unions, civil-rights laws and public schools looks impossible. A lot of people have said the Christian right is racist. Certain people show hints of racisim I think. Homeschooling has increased, but it might be better because of all the propaganda in the schools and silly rules put in place there, but some of the textbooks Christian homeschoolers use have distorted history and facts.

Comment by Gerard Lee on October 2, 2012 at 9:32pm

I think Hedges starts with a flawed premise: " The beliefs of Christians are as flawed and imperfect as all religous beliefs." Christianity is at it's heart 'The Way the Truth and the Light', and the witnessing that 'No one comes to the Father but by Me (Jesus Christ).

I agree with this statement: "America is a nation where all have a voice in how we live and how we are governed." This of course includes Dominionists. Hedges should have no problem therefore, with Dominionists wishing to shape the country according to their own beliefs. Certainly in my mind, Christians have every right to vote or try to legislate laws according to their beliefs. The abortionists do it. The Homosexuals do it. Why are Christian activists not allowed this basic right as well?

Hedges makes some interesting claims in his warnings about the Dominionists: "Labor unions, civil-rights laws and public schools will be abolished. Women will be removed from the workforce to stay at home, and all those deemed insufficiently Christian will be denied citizenship." On what basis does he justify these bizarre claims? I would like to know.

I apologize if I misunderstood Hedges, it's entirely possible that he's talking on a level that goes right over my head. I really am not trying to be contentious, and if I cause any offense, I am sorry.

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