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Community Artist Creates Prayer Rooms for a New Worship Experience

Recently I came across Nicki Carleton, who is in fulltime ministry that designs and creates interactive worship experiences and 24-7 prayer rooms. These beautiful sacred spaces allow people to fall in love with Jesus, hear His voice and pray with power and passion.

When I saw the work she's done with these rooms, I had to ask Nicki to share her story.
Here’s her response which made for a great interview:

NICKI: “Well thanks for asking!!!!! They really are a place where God dwells and feels welcome, where people can actually experience God and feel his love and the most important thing - hear his voice. There are a couple of scientific principles behind it too.

1. Walking In
First thing when you walk into the room it turns on the right brain so time slows down and you forget all the list of things you had to do and you suddenly feel relaxed and after an hour like you've had a sleep. It is very healing to stressed out people. You are also open to communicate with God on another level different from knowledge which is how we are mostly taught about God.

2. Hands-On Prayer Experience
The other principle is that I am a kinesthetic learner so I love creating these spaces where I love to learn and pray because I can get in there and do something to keep me praying for hours. 20% of people are auditory 40% visual and 40% tactile learners so I believe the church- which some are made up of 75% auditory learners and teachers are not catering to the 80% of people who are more artistic and creative. So I am doing my thing for the kids that are neglected including some of the adults... (laughs!)

I think there is a big hole in churches so we need to bring in artistic beauty and teach people how to be creative and worship God in creative ways. That has been written about in many books.

3. Discipleship
The last thing I think is the room is about discipleship and teaching powerful profound deep things in a way that they are engaging in learning by listening to God and having a conversation with God.

Our church teaches through community art. I always get profound teaching and revelation from doing art - it may very well be different to what the others around me receive. Since only 7% of spoken sermons are even remembered its a wonder why we put the sermon on such a pedestal. When using the 5 senses in teaching people learn and retain up to 90%.

So the teaching through the prayer rooms is very effective. And it is just how Jesus taught - in a field, with corn, eating the fruit, with a fish, in a boat. He taught discipleship through the senses. Through life. This is how I love to teach.

I feel like I am a matchmaker - setting up people on a date with Jesus. I help people make time to listen and time to just hang out in the presence of Jesus. They are healed, transformed changed, loved.... so many things... It is a really fun ministry to share with others.”

Visit Nicki’s site here at:

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