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PART 2 Following up on my Christmas research...


Guys... guysguysguys...

I think... Hanukka IS Christmas. The REAL Christmas! (Mind blown). And this year which is 5777 on the Hebrew calendar (which God set in motion himself) Hanukka (Kislev 25th) just happens to fall directly on December 25th this year on our (man-made) Roman calendar. Prophetically, Hanukka IS Christmas, only this is not the birth of Jesus but his VIRGIN CONCEPTION in Mary's womb! (Also reaffirming that the flame of human life begins to burn at conception).

Hanukka, like the real historical event, is the re-dedication and consecration of our temples (hearts/bodies) to God and the burning of New Life in our souls through Jesus the Light of the World (John 1). The olive oil that burns in the menorah lamp is the new life of the Holy Spirit! Oil fuels holy FIRE! Holy Fire burns up all impurities and refines us. Number 8 in the Bible means new beginnings/resurrection and the menorah deliberately looks like an 8-branched tree (I think of Tree of Life in Revelation)! In Genesis, one Tree of Knowledge of Good/Evil killed us but this new tree that Jesus died on brings us back to life and will feed us forever.

In the Hanukka event, while the temple of God was under attack, they only had enough oil to burn for 1 day but God miraculously caused it to burn for 8.

This is of course not to shame people who celebrate Roman Christmas but rather open up a door to MASSIVE blessings and revelations. Do you see how LOADED and filled with meaning YHWH God's holidays are? The Bible says many things are permissible and good but some things are just far more beneficial and EXCELLENT to feed your spirit. We should always seek to know God more and understand more of his ways as the years go by. I have been Christian 12 years and I only got this JUST now! (Of course, if I have any details off, I am open to correction. But yeah, look it up).

But now I can say "Merry Christmas" with even more joy, confidence and excitement than ever before. It truly is the day the Christ was materialized into this world (Christ-Mass). The Menorah is not just for Jews, God is showing this is for ALL his people, Jew and Gentile. His new life is for all of us.

God bless you friends and family <3


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