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Please note that my upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic, Chaos Ultimate, is intended for personal/fandom and portfolio purposes, not for profit. I just want to make this clear for anyone interested.
I am looking to work in the comics and cartoon industry in the future and I want to build up my online portfolio in order to further demonstrate my drawing/cartooning abilities in the comic book medium. I also want to get a feel for making webcomics before posting any original works of mine on the web.
The reason why I am choosing to make a fan comic with Sonic characters in particular is that the Sonic franchise influenced and inspired me as an artist when I was younger and continues to do so. The creative and like-able characters in the games and comics... And all of the amazing talents of those who worked on the Archie Sonic comics have inspired me in wanting to have a career in the art field. And let's not forget all of the interesting fan created comics and artwork that I have seen in person/ on the web.
I hope to become a part of this interesting creative medium that is comics and hope to inspire others in creating comics as well.
I hope you enjoy my upcoming fan comic when it is ready to be uploaded. So far, I have been able to make 1 complete page a day and I intend to upload daily. However, I might upload only one page a week in the beginning so I can have more time to be well ahead of the pages to be uploaded in case any life issues arises that would prevent me from uploading/making the next page.
Thank you for reading and expect more news to come in regards to my upcoming Sonic fan comic.

Sonic franchise property of Sega. Sonic comic copyright Archie Comics.

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