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Calvary Comics' "Hosanna in the Highest"- my impressions

“Hosanna in the Highest” by Calvary Comics

My impressions (spoiler free)


This 80 page black and white book primarily covers the lives of various notable historical Christians. Some are missionaries, others authors and poets, and some are prophets. The art is very good. Books like this are of great value, because they give the reader a sense of the continuity of the Church throughout so many ages and lifetimes. Almost everyone is familiar with the Biblical Church fathers, but are maybe a little weak on what God was doing between the New Testament and today. Jesus said ‘The gates of Hell will not prevail against it’, promising the Church would endure. And endure it has, each generation a link in a chain that will continue forever. “Hosanna in the Highest” provides a glimpse into the lives of just a few of our Christian brothers and sisters that have served the Lord in previous generations.


Also included are various inspirational Scripture related comic panels, good messages for our time. All in all, a solid, God honoring book. One comment I’d like to make is, don’t expect a tightly written plot or eye candy. These stories are true to life stories of real people, and their lives didn’t necessarily follow the rules that make an engaging plot. Not all of the reasons for some of the suffering or delays in their lives are know to them, or to the reader, but only God knows. Nevertheless, it is the faithful retelling of their lives by the authors and artists of this book that provides the sense of reality that these are real Christians, and good role models for you and me today.


If you’re interested in Christian history and comic books, I highly recommend “Hosanna in the Highest”. You can ask about ordering a copy at .

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Comment by Calvary Comics on November 17, 2019 at 7:07am

Thank you for the kind words, Gerard!  I'm glad the book touched your heart.

Comment by Indigenous Bert on November 16, 2019 at 3:52pm

Hi Gerry!

Thanks for the review. GOD bless

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