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 Well as my first entry, I wanna say, HI. Im glad that this site is a bit more active then the grove network.

As a kick, theres artist that I would love to mention about and not just visual artist but artist all around and is Christian. I do love secular music too, but I love that Christin has its plac too.


  • Familly Force Five- I love because they taugh me its ok to be Random. I mean when Christ comes back, its going to be random, because no one knows when he comes back. Found out through Spirit west Coast
  • Inner Sunset. Also wonderous for their music. Very calm and different. Their wifes gave us free CD's.
  • The Fray- Although no longer consider a Christian band, they are still Christian themselves. They won awards for their songs.
  • Relient K- Their tones of songs are lovely to listen to.
  • Five Iron Frenzy- No longer in existents, but their skaness lives on
  • Newsboys- Not the same newsboys but their old songs are classics.
  • Carmen- MY CHILDHOOD singer
  • Paramore- Although not really my thing, they are Christian, but not a Christian rock band. They still have alot of fun.
  • Tempest September- They are a totally new folk band and I love it. Mostly likely indie because of the songs. I found it through the Da group, Christian Otakus. I was even inspired to do a painting because of them.
  • The Swift- Its a shame they broke up, but they were among the first Christian bands I went to concert at the Christian Conference, Planet Wisdom. If theres an Event like Planet Wisdom, I highly recommending you to go.
  • Docjazz- A wonderful Ocarina player who has a love for Zelda video game Series. You can search him through his youtube account.
  • Sufjan Stevens- I found his age of ADz Album through Christianity Today, and I loved it as well as his poetic soothing songs. I Can't believe I forgot him -_-'.
  • NEW! HOUSE OF HEROS. I love this band on their creativity of difference of the instruments (including the voice). Its like  voices  of all american rejects, and Asian kunfu generation combined


  • Godlimations- WOW as soon as I played their trapped series, I FELL in love with their games and animations. Although their art isn't totally proportioned well, the characters are still recognizable and have this gritty feel. Their games are total fun for hours of play.The only unsafe thing is probably the amount of violence used and some of them are creepy, but they still make A GREAT STORYLINE for adventuring and very meaningful.
  • Kylee Henke- Shes not a total Christian artist, but she definately Proclaims herself as Christian. SHes a lively fun person. She does drawings, animations, and sings, and caters to anime fans. Hows that for a combo pack. SHE sings wonderfully, like an angel's voice.

Groups on DA-


As my final kick off, here are the other main places Ill be online:


Distant Dead Worlds Facebook Page: Only works if you have a Facebook.


Well that is it. I might add more as I see fit. I have to finish my skeleton for my Figure drawing class, so see you guys. Ill try to post some work later.

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Comment by southpawdoesart on April 28, 2011 at 6:43am
skeletons... just did those a few weeks ago.  And I might just store them in my closet now that I've drawn them.

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