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I've pulled a lot of muscles in my lifetime, but I don't think there are any worse to pull than those in your lower back.

I made the big statement about releasing myself from my daily blog commitment so that I could work on a lot of other stuff that needed doing... and, this past week, I do something to my lower back.

Not to say I haven't worked on the other things. I have. Actually, I've done a lot. Unfortunately, I also intended to post blogs a couple of times this past week, to show I wasn't completely abandoning it.

That didn't work out so well.

I spent most of my free time this last week searching for that one single position in which I could sit or lay without having any pain. You know - that elusive position you are sure exists, that you think you almost had a couple of times, but then you had to cough, or clear your throat, or breathe... and, poof, it disappeared?


With it being in the lower back, it just seems like every single thing I do irritates... and I simply have to ride it out.

You may be wondering what it was that I was doing that caused my pain. You may even guess that it was the swimming.

You would be wrong.

No, sadly, nothing that taxing. I simply fell asleep on the couch. Then, when I woke up, and I started to get up, pain shot through my entire body.

It is a sad day when sleeping causes this much pain.

Oh well. The pain has to let up sometime, right?

Type at you later.

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Comment by Donald Ensign on March 5, 2008 at 5:37pm

For whatever its worth. I pitched a nerve in my lower back today at work. Felt like someone jabbed me with a knife.
Yes, getting old isn't for sissies. :)

God bless,

Comment by mike on March 5, 2008 at 12:15am
I've actually developed (going on 3 weeks now) a sharp pain below my left buttock. Yeah, Ha ha. I can't sit and or drive without this pain bothering me. It doesn't feel like a pulled muscle, more like a pulled nerve. Which is probably why it hasn't gone away yet. Getting old bites.
Comment by Donald Ensign on March 3, 2008 at 12:17pm

Try getting some over the counter Deep Heating Rumb. It has a warm feelng and can help with lower back strained muscles.

God bless,

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