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How to Blog.
What makes a Great Blog exactly? Are the most intersting Blogs made by the loud and opinionated? Are they made by the very wise, the ones who make you stop and think and ponder the truth of their words? Are they the ones in which the blogger is asking questions, seeking out some kind of forum to discuss his uncertainties and ideas? Who knows? Maybe its a balance of all three?
I'm still not used to the idea of Blogging. I had several up on MySpace, but later deleted them because of how they looked in retrospect. It wasn't that long ago that men and women wrote down their hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities in journals and diary's and hid them away from prying eyes. Now they post them for all the world to see. Such sudden contrast is rare indeed. Maybe its the unfamiliarity of these multitudes that eases any discomfort? Add in the fact that Blogging on the internet would allow for communication with the fellowship for any number of people who no doubt agree with everything you say, and is it any wonder? Maybe thats what its all about? People connecting with people just like themselves. Maybe blogging is the cure for lonliness? But then again, I always did have a tendancy to over-analyze everything. :)

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Comment by Anthony Rodriguez on February 26, 2008 at 1:18pm
And Micheal has a tendency to under-analyze everything. LOL :)
Comment by mike on February 25, 2008 at 12:40pm
I Blog, therefore I am? LOL

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