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Hello again. If you read the last entry "This week at kids club" I mentioned the Great Big news about Frogboy.
Well, here it is! You had better sit down and hang on to your hats and all of that. When I first started making Frogboy comics for the Urban Restoration ministry I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't have enough money to print the comics in color. I prayed that someone would step up and donate some extra money for color printing. I didn't think that the kids would respond to black and white comic pages. Anyway after about the second week I got a call from Johnny D, the kids club pastor and he said he had great news about Frogboy!! I couldn't wait to get down to Urban to see what it was. Did someone want to donate for color printing or could it be that someone wanted to publish the stories, so many things went through my head. (I can really work myself up to a frenzy sometimes.) So I got down to the center and tried to remain calm as I sat down in Johnny's office. "This is such a blessing John", he said to me. "I just wanted you to see this". He handed me a stack of the Frogboy comics that we had given to the children the week before. Each one had been colored by the children who took them home.
I was instantly aware of God's mighty hand. I thought of each of these kids aged from 5 years old up to about 14or15 laying on their floor at home coloring the comics with crayons. Kids mostly without video games, or internet, or cable tv just coloring away. Wow! I didn't have any words to express to Joy in my heart after seeing that.
What can you say after witnessing God's hand in action..........

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Comment by Strad on December 27, 2007 at 5:23pm
I can't help but smile when I read this. It's an amazing thing when people respond (hopefully in a favorable way!). I keep searching for ways to encourage the kid's I teach at sunday school. Sometimes it seems like they're bored with learning, but I feel that it shouldn't always be fun and games. Got to find ways to combine the fun with learning - sounds like you've got a good thing going!
Comment by Randy Hayes on December 19, 2007 at 8:36pm
Great story, bro. God using even the things we look at as weaknesses to strengthen the impact of our efforts for him (or His work through us).


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