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I hate moving. I used to love it. As a kid we would move every 5-7 years and it was a very exciting time. The new house would mysterious and, well, NEW. I can only remember 3 houses we lived in the entire time i was growing up. Unfortunately that is not the case of my adult life. Due to financial instability we end up moving once or twice a year. I just finished moving (sort of) after living in a house for less than two months.:0 Something that used to be fresh and exciting is now mundane and tedious and inconvenient, to say the least. The other day i was sitting in Math class and realized that i wish i didn't have all the crap that we do. It was in that very moment that i had an epiphany. Y'see, I tend to be a little materialistic sometimes. I love collecting things. Toys, games, Comics, movies, etc, etc, etc. In a more stable time i had my own room to set up my drafting table and all my collectibles and old toys and stuff, it was really cool. Now all i do is lug all these boxes from one storage place to the next. But i remember feeling really mad and/or sad whenever some new whirly-bob came out and i got to thinking about "want" and what it says about it in the Bible. I remember wondering "how in the world can someone stop wanting stuff? Is it even possible?" Maybe thats what God has been doing this whole time. I picture myself as Christian from "The Pilgrims Progress" lugging that huge backpack around everywhere i go. Maybe this is Gods cure for materialism. "How bad do you want this? Are you willing to lug it around wherever you go?"

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Comment by Anthony Rodriguez on November 13, 2007 at 1:05pm
No, No dibs. LOL Especially not after i got a bunch of old NES games somebody was just gonna burn. They were gonna BURN THEM! *sigh* I'm doing it again, aren't i? :)
Howard, I don't know why God does this either, but your right, it does come down to trust. Heck, Maybe THATS why he does it. I dunno, But i did ask God to help with my materialism problem, maybe this is his answer.
Micheal, Your right. The Bible says that gold and silver never satisfy. We always end up wanting more. I just have to rely on God and depend on him.

"Inbelieving"? HAHA i got you. I knew if i was patient i'd catch ya. LOL Now i can finally erase the "High, Ralph" incident from my past. :) LOL
Comment by Howard Lee Kent on November 8, 2007 at 3:28pm
Points on tactfullness, Michael.......LOL

I was in the same boat as you are, Anthony. It's really a trying experience. God has always told me to travel lite due to the fact He may need me to pick up and go. I have givin up almost everthing most dear to me due to financial hardships and such. But God is sssslllloooooowwwwllllyyyyy getting me back to being able to collect a favorite game or some such. But it takes time. I don't have an explanation why God does this, I mean, c'mon, who knows the mind of God, right? Just have faith that God has something big planned for you. He may even be protecting you from whatever may befall at the old place. Just a thought.

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