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The Alpha-Omega APA-Zine: More than a "paper blog"?

Hi! Reprinting and expanding on an earlier post, because some folks have been asking for more about the "Alpha-Omega" Christian comics APA-zine. I thought it would be easier to have the info handy in one blog post I can just directly link to...

As some of you may know, I don't post online here very often because so much of my time is…


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Alpha-Omega #200 is now available!

As a follow-up to my previous posts, I'm pleased to announce that the big 200th issue of the Alpha-Omega APA-zine is finally finished and available to the general public!…


Added by Kevin Yong on June 10, 2018 at 4:41pm — 3 Comments

Reminder: FAQ for Alpha-Omega #200

Hi everyone! The deadline for the big 200th issue of the Alpha-Omega APA-zine is coming up soon, so as a reminder for anyone interested in participating, here’s an updated F.A.Q. list:



What is…


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Alpha-Omega #200: Calling All Former Members!

Hi! As some of you may know, I'm not posting here online that often because so much of my time is involved offline with Alpha-Omega, the Christian Comic Arts Society's long-running Christian comics APA (which stands for Amateur Press Association.) 

For those who don't know what an APA is, there's a Wikipedia article on the history of the concept. It's basically a short-run,…


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Updates Coming Soon

Wow, I can't believe it's been a few years since I last updated my account here. Just wanted to log in and say hi, and let you know that I'll have some project updates to share soon.

For those who were wondering, no, I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. I've just been busy with my day job and various family duties, as well as working offline on several Christian comic projects, such as books like …


Added by Kevin Yong on February 13, 2018 at 2:09pm — 2 Comments

Prayers and encouragement for a friend

Hi everyone. "Real life" has been keeping me away from online participation for awhile, but I wanted to pass this along for a friend.

As some of you may already have heard: Don Ensign, the founder of the Christian Comic Arts Society, is in the hospital due to complications from prostate cancer.

Our mutual friend, Ralph Miley, is planning to possibly travel to visit Don later in February, and had an idea for a gift that might encourage him. We're trying to create a sketchbook…


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Phoenix Comicon 2011 - Full Report

Well, it's taken me a week to sort through my thoughts, but here's a more detailed convention report on the Phoenix Comicon over Memorial Day weekend. (My apologies for the relative lack of pictures -- I'm very much an introvert when it comes to asking total strangers for the picture, despite how cool their costumes might be.)

To explain my perspective, I should…


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Phoenix Comicon 2011 - CCAS interview

More updates from last weekend's show... While we were wrapping up at the Con, a comic book news website asked to interview us about the CCAS and New Creation Now. Ralph handled the interview while Don and I continued to work the table (there was a surprising crowd of people visiting us right before the show closed.)



I find it amusing that we…


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Phoenix Con 2011

Well, I'm back from my very first visit to the Phoenix Comicon. I'll have to wait a couple days to collect my thoughts before I can post a full convention report -- four days of insufficient sleep have left my memories a little jumbled. But it was a fun convention, I had a wonderful time hosting the CCAS booth, and we had great opportunities for fellowship with the many other Christians in attendance at the show. (And if any of you are signing up for the CCAS social network as a…


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Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to say "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

May the grace of God be with you and yours this Christmas and throughout the coming new year.


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Thoughts on the Long Beach Comic-Con

Sorry for the late report on this -- I had to dive back in to a particularly hectic week right after finishing the show.

This was only the second Long Beach Comic-Con, and the first time the CCAS has had a table there. I was able to get in for free as a "Pro", and I attended Saturday and Sunday. (I was working late on Friday, and had to miss the Friday panel about Crumb's Genesis book. My thanks to Buzz for posting a recording of it!)

My overall impressions: online… Continue

Added by Kevin Yong on November 3, 2010 at 9:47am — 1 Comment

Gearing up for Long Beach

Just a quick update for those who might be in the southern California area -- I plan to be attending the upcoming Long Beach Comic-Con (Oct. 29-31). I'll be part of the team volunteering withe the Christian Comic Arts Society table in the exhibit hall, where I'll also be doing signings for my recent books (Ragged Capes and the…


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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Well, it’s been a few weeks since the San Diego Comic-Con (or, technically, “Comic-Con International: San Diego”) and I guess it’s finally time for me to quit procrastinating and write up my report on the show. Sorry for the delay. In addition to the usual sleep deprivation and sensory overload that accompanies the convention (making the "Walking Dead" banners throughout the convention center very appropriate), I… Continue

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The annual San Diego Comic-Con recovery

Well, I’m back from the San Diego Comic-Con after five days of volunteer work helping the outreach ministry of the CCAS table and panels. (I think it's the group's 15th year participating at the Con, if I'm counting correctly.)

And as usual, I’m wiped out from the usual stress and sleep deprivation, as well as from catching a cold on the last day of the show. Expect a full report soon, as soon as I get my strength back.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Hi all. Sorry for the late report on Comic-Con, but after a very long sleepless week at the convention I dove right back in to my regular work schedule, so it's taken me a little longer than I hoped to "bounce back" from the show. For those who don't know: myself and Ralph Miley are the current leaders of the CCAS local group in Southern California that is in charge of organizing the CCAS ministry at the San Diego Comic-Con. Our group has had a… Continue

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Seeking questions for a comics writing panel

Hi all. I've noted this over in the writer's discussion area. but thought I would post it around for added exposure here too:

As the organizer for our local southern California CCAS meetings, I'm trying to start up a project that may bring more interaction between the various areas of CCAS -- the online social networks and forums, the local group volunteers, the Alpha-Omega APA-zine, etc.

We're organizing a series of workshops at our monthly local CCAS meetings in southern… Continue

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Catching up

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything! My work schedule at my day job has been brutal for the past year or so, but it's starting to let up a little. But even if it doesn't, I'm making a renewed effort to make time for fellowship and creative projects regardless of my workload at the printing company. I can't let that keep taking over my schedule like it has been -- all work and no play (and no sleep and no exercise and no social life and no ministry opportunities) isn't an ideal… Continue

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Summer already?

Well, my blog update schedule is about what I expected -- stopping in to give an update once every few months.

What can I say? I spend all day sitting in front of a computer at my day job, then come home to try squeezing in some comic book scripting on my computer at home. By that point, I flee from any further time in front a computer, unfortunately making blog updates to be an exception rather than a rule.

Things have been busy lately. I've got a couple books in… Continue

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Spring already?

Wow. Springtime is here already.

I honestly have no idea how other creative types can keep a daily blog. I'm doing good if I update my pages every few months.

Maybe it's my job. I work all day doing digital graphics production work and preflighting for a printing company, so I'm stuck behind a computer for a good 8 or 9 hours every day. So when I finally get some time to work on my personal creative projects or ministries, the last thing I want is to sit at a keyboard… Continue

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2008: Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all have enjoyed the Christmas holidays and had a happy start to the new year. I confess that I've been letting my web presence here sit idle since this CCAS site went online -- mostly because I already spend all day in front of a computer at my job and thus am very reluctant to spend more time at a computer updating blog entries or forum discussions after a long day of work.

But now it's a new year, I have a rare day off of work, so now's as good a time as… Continue

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