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Please vote for my band 22FIVE to win a spot on the Vans Warped tour!

Wouldn't it be great to see a hard-rocking Christian band on the Warped Tour when it comes to Atlanta?…


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Free holiday tunes from Santa-Sean!

Happy holidays! Hope you're having a relaxing and fun season. Maybe this will help. Enjoy two free mp3s from my musical past:

- The first, a Nothing Regal recording from 2006, a Ramones-esque version of "O Come All Ye Faithful":

- The other, a Nothing Regal original, but an alternate recording, "So Long Awaited":… Continue

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Come see me at Imagicon in Birmingham next weekend!

Come see me at Imagicon in Birmingham next weekend!

Guests include:

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Christina Barber
Sean Taylor
Bobby Nash
Bill "Leatherface" Johnson
Felix Silva
John Dugan
Daniel Emory Taylor
Samantha "Jem" Newark
Patricia "Pizazz" Albrecht
And more!

For more info, visit

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Connooga is coming to town (but it doesn't see you when you're sleeping)

I will be a guest at Con Nooga on February 20 - 22, 2009 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It will be a fun time as I hang out with fun-loving comics and pop media folks like Bobby Nash, Robert Freese, Daniel Emery Taylor, David Boop, Cristina Barber, Samantha Newark, Chase Masterson, and Linda Blair. Plus many more.

For full details, guest list, and panel descriptions, check the website at

Hope to see you there.

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Come visit my table at the Facebook Comic Convention

Just in case anyone is also on Facebook, I wanted to announce that I have a "table" at the Facebook Comic Convention, so feel free to drop by and join the "table" (group).

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I'll be there... Will you?

Come out this sunday to the atlanta comic convention! The best one day comic show in the south! Showcasing 1000's of Comics, Cards, Prints, Gaming, Artwork, Videos, Toys, Japanamation, Statues, and More!!!

Guest include:

• Wrestling super star RAVEN signing 1pm-3pm

• Comic book writer Bobby Nash (Demon Slayer, Domino Lady)

• Comic book artist Jason Flowers (RIPPED, Splatter Cinema Poster Artist)

• Comic writer Sean Taylor (Gene Simmon's Dominatrix)

•… Continue

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New Year, new hope?

I could post another "woe is me" post about how the job situation still sucks and I don't have regular writing gigs like I need to make freelancing work, or how I'm not finding job leads in writing/editing/copyediting or anything remotely suited to what I spent six years in college (went part time a few years after I got married) in order to do, or how most of my bills (if not all) are behind, and how we keep barely squeaking by to save the car and the house, and how we haven't had hot water in… Continue

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New interview posted online!

Hey, my interview is up on Go here:

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A truly outrageous comic book pitch and a father/daughter creative partnership

1. I'm currently in the middle of a comic pitch based on a 1980s

cartoon, one that I'll be co-writing with a certain voice-over actress

who played the main character. I can't say exactly what at this point,

but if you can read between the lines, you'll know what I'm talking

about, cuz I'm not exactly being subtle, ya know.

2. You know that Tantalizing Ti-Girl manga book I keep pumping images of here and on LJ? Well, guess what? My daughter, Charis, will be writing… Continue

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An original Christmas tune from me to you!

Here's the link to a song I wrote and played at church yesterday. Enjoy!

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It's beginning to SOUND a lot like Christmas!

It's finally uploaded! Now you can listen to the new (my band) Nothing Regal Christmas CD in order, every cut, right here in our SoundClick playlist. The first 12 songs in the playlist all have the "All Because Of You" icon, and they're ready to stream, our Christmas present to you. Enjoy!

Either follow this link:

Or just use the jukebox below:…


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Why so blue, lady?

For anyone here who was alive and reading comics in the 1940s, skip to the pictures link below. If you're not part of that demographic, read this.

Anyway, James Ritchey III and I are working on a revamp of the old character a la James Robinson's Starman, dealing with the legacy of the Golden Age bleeding into the current age and how heroism and adventure has become a different animal now in so many ways. James is…


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I get this a lot. (Dominatrix vs. God soapbox)

I got this from a fellow writer the other day:

Do you mind if I ask you a slightly touchy question? I've noticed from a few of your posts that you are a Christian. Furthermore, I found a link that you had posted on your wall to the Christian Comic Art Society (which I promptly joined). Here's my question: How do you reconcile your Christian beliefs with writing the Dominatrix comic? I admit that I've never read the book so it may be rated G; but based off of the covers…

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"In progress" colors for Jesse James in the Mayan Underworld

I'm so excited about this project.
Story by me. Pencils by Kurt Belcher. Inks by Henrick Horvath. Colors by Zachary Turner.

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Updated -- Best redemptive films

Don't be surprised not to find these recommended by churches or anything, necessarily, but at their core, films all have messages that "preach" better than most sermons.

And yes, if you're a moral majority type, be warned that a lot of these are rated R and include things like "bad words" and some nudity.

In no particular order...

1. The Spitfire Grill

2. The Apostle

3. Saved

4. The Shawshank Redemption

5. Chocolat

6. The Sky Is… Continue

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Fun, fur, and female fisticuffs -- A little Ti-Girl fun!

Dug the concept color art so much I couldn't resist mocking it up as though it were actually for a cover.

Cool, huh?

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Religious people...

My favorite t-shirt design I created:

Even folks at my church really dug this one. If I could find a distributor interested in my designs, that'd be great.

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TiGirl -- now in color!

Not the final coloring, perhaps, but pretty cool nonetheless.
Art and coloring by TiGirl artist Willie Jimenez.

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Just updated... official website at

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