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Digital Photography

I’ve become a big fan of digital photography, both still and moving. I was never a big picture taker—oh, I’ve got nothing against it and I’m certainly not one of those who annoyingly always try to hide whenever a camera comes out, but most of the times I just don’t think about taking pictures. I’ve tried to get better about that, and with digital possibilities, I’ve improved some.


I’d been aware of the power of digital for a while. I’ve used digital files generated by…


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Taking Criticism

So I’m writing this particular entry because of this blog post. Not necessarily the post itself, which is just a review of an independent book, but the author’s response to that review. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s gone viral (there’s a blog all in itself, huh?), but it’s certainly making the rounds with small press and indy writers.

Before I get off on that, though, I want to give a head’s…


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Shawn Hawk by Roger Elwood


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Who Needs A Superhero?

I recently read …

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The Gospel According To The World’s Greatest Superhero

I’ve been on a “superhero” book kick lately. I posted recently about the book Who Needs a Superhero?, and the book I just finished was of like sort: The Gospel According To The World’s Greatest Superhero, by Stephen Skelton. To Skelton, the “world’s greatest,” is obviously Superman.

I always had problems really “liking” Superman. Not that I thought he was bad or anything, but I found it hard to be interested in a guy who do anything and couldn’t be hurt. Where was the…


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My daughter's singing ability!

She didn't inherit her singing ability from me, but my daughter can sure sing...and her voice is getting stronger by the day!

On Sunday, she sang the below after practicing for only a day!

Okay...look to the left to see the YOUTUBE embedded video...I think.

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Opening night

My daughter is very interested in becoming an actress. Only 12, Brittany still has a ton of passion for the things she wants to do. So we signed her up to participate in the local theater. When the man at the door said adults were desperately needed, I said I'd be willing to help. I figured I'd get a mailman spot or some one-line spot. Really, I was only doing it because of Brittany.

Brittany got one of the lead roles, that of the daughter of the family. As it turns out, I got the…


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Christianity and comics

After my last post I did some thinking...dangerous, yes, I know.

I recall having discussions with my good artist pal Steven Butler before about the decline of quality in comics. Any of us could go on for great lengths about how The Dark Knight changed comics.

While I will be one of the first to agree that TDK was a very well-done and very good work, it was the turning point that sent comics on a dark spin. So many comics are "dark" now.

What Steven and I used to…


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Recommended reading

I've just finished reading Who Needs A Superhero? written by H. Michael Brewer.

While I suspect that there are some here who've read this, let me just say that I think everyone in this group should read this book. In a nutshell, Brewer takes some of the all-time favorites and "finds virtue, vice and holiness" in them.

Without giving anything away, he tackles various heros and heroines and then shows us how the communicate Biblical truths. Characters included are:…


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Best way to blog?

I've been thinking of blogging...

Part of what has given me pause are all the blogging sites--just where the heck should I go to blog? I belong to handful of different groups, like this one, which have blog areas. My problem is that I don't want to have to blog for 10 different sites.

Is it possible to blog one place and "share" that blog with all the other areas?

I'm hoping you more experienced bloggers can help me out, here.

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First entry

Decided to write up a "first blog post" just to kick it off and say hi to all! So, hi all!

Added by Roland Mann on August 7, 2007 at 6:10am — 5 Comments

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