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Generally speaking, my father was not what I would call a brave man.

My father suffered from several phobias. He was afraid of heights, which dictated that after I turned 12, everything to be done on a ladder would be handled by me with him nervously looking on.

I’ll never forget when "we" painted the house when I was 17. "We" sure spent a lot of time by myself. Oh, and my favorite part was when it was time to paint an area of the house unreachable by the ladder, and my…


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My head hurts.

I just had one of the most confusing conversations... ever. I’d try to explain it, but I’m afraid my head would explode.

I hate when that happens.

You know, you are going along, thinking everything is normal, and someone walks up to you, and you think they are normal, and then, suddenly, you are trapped in a conversation you are sure is being spoken in Tolkein’s Elvish language or Sanskrit.

So, you find yourself kinda squinting at the other… Continue

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Wow, a full week between blogs. My apologies. I did not intend for that to happen.

It has been a busy week, so this is just a random thought kinda day here at Earth G.

I recieved some software this past week that should help me build my website for The Crimson Scarab webcomic. It took me a while to find a good and reasonably priced program, and it took longer than that to accept that I wasn’t going to be able to take my limited knowledge of page building and do it myself. If… Continue

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Who watches...?

This past week, comic fans were treated to the first look at the actors in costume for the film adaptation of the Watchmen comic book series, coming out in 2009.

I have not been looking forward to this film.

Many of you familiar with me might find that unusual. I tend to look forward to comic films, and am quite often disappointed not merely because they aren't good, but because I've also built the film up in my head, knowing how good it could be.



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The other day, I was listening to NPR (yes, National Pretentious Radio), which I do on occassion.

Now, mind you, I was barely paying attention to the radio at the time, so I have no idea what show was on or any vital details to pass along that might help you find out more about this story. Sorry.

Anyway, I was listening, and they were talking to a man who was one of two men that conducted surveys a while back that, theoretically, tested how honest people were with…


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I've pulled a lot of muscles in my lifetime, but I don't think there are any worse to pull than those in your lower back.

I made the big statement about releasing myself from my daily blog commitment so that I could work on a lot of other stuff that needed doing... and, this past week, I do something to my lower back.

Not to say I haven't worked on the other things. I have. Actually, I've done a lot. Unfortunately, I also intended to post blogs a couple of times this past…


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Larry Norman passed away on Sunday.

Larry Norman passed away on Sunday at the age of 60.

It isn't that I was a huge fan of Larry Norman in particular. I don't want to give that impression. And, I'm not going to rush out and become a huge fan now, to become something I wasn't before.

But, I do believe that without Larry Norman, most of what we know of as contemporary Christian music would not exist, or, at the very least, not exist in the way we know it.

See, I'm not a Larry Norman fan, but I am a fan of… Continue

Added by Billy Wamsley on February 25, 2008 at 9:57pm — 1 Comment

A change.

Well, I guess it is time to admit it.

Given all I'm trying to do right now, I'm going to be missing some blog posts.

I'll still post as often as I can, but a daily dose of my wit is unlikely. (Some would argue the daily dose of wit was unlikely when I was committed to daily posting, too!)

This next week is going to be particularly busy. I've got to finish my submission for the Alpha Omega APAzine, my sister just informed me I've been drafted to draw giant farm animals…


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Wondercon is taking place this weekend.

Its a comic book convention in San Francisco, in case you were wondering.

No, I'm not there. Maybe I'd like to be, but no.

Generally speaking, Wondercon doesn't get a lot of huge announcements from Marvel and DC. Those are being saved for what I would think are considered the Big Three of the Cons - The New York Comic Con, The San Diego International Comic Con, and Wizard World Chicago. New York is in April, Chicago is in June, and…


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Every year.

I debated a lot about writing this. It is a very personal sort of matter, something that I've had to deal with for a long, long time.

And, it is a little bizarre.

And, possibly, a little creepy.

Now is the portion of the blog where I break into the joke, where I reveal my love of the song Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) by John Michael Montgomery (despite my hatred of country music), or I talk about why I shower in the dark, or some other such…


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Well, folks, I'm sick, and I'm not feeling up to posting today. I was going to, really... but the longer I sit in front of this computer screen, the more I fear I'll ruin the keyboard. So, sorry, and I'll type at you later.

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Just something quick...

I haven't been feeling real good lately (got some sort of bug), so, in case I don't get to it later, here is a quick post of YouTube goodness.

I laughed a lot.

Type at you…


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It was just after Christmas Break, the first day back to school. I was a Junior in high school, so it wasn't the first time I had ever returned from a break, but it was different.

Different how? That's kinda hard to explain. Walking back into the school, it felt darker, more oppressive than before.

More so than high school usually felt, of course. As someone that never really enjoyed high school (loved college, though), I was used to feeling trapped there.

This was… Continue

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All-Star Game

I really don't like the NBA All-Star Game.

I say that, not knowing who won tonight, because I left for work before it ended. But, regardless of who won, I still don't like the game.

Or, maybe I'm overstating it. Maybe it isn't dislike, but, rather, that I simply don't care about the game because it doesn't matter. At all.

Which, essentially, is exactly what it is meant to be - a game that is just a show, a celebration of all that is the NBA.

But I think it is… Continue

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Plot and Character

Generally speaking, in stories for comics, there are two types - plot driven and character driven.

Sure, you can have stories that blend the two in various ways as well, but, as I started out, I'm talking in generalities.

I'm also of the belief that neither is better than the other, but, rather, that there are situations in which one works better than the other, and other situations in which the other works better.

In a character driven story, the focus is… Continue

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Alright, this one is going to be short. I was at a Mark Lowry concert tonight (yes, it was really good), so I'm kinda doing this on the fly. In fact, this I'm doing this when I have a bunch of things I ought to be doing instead. Hmm... I bet I can think of five without trying too hard!

Five Things I Ought to be Doing Right Now Instead of this Blog!

Thing the First - Commissions!

I'm a lucky guy. A few people have asked me to do… Continue

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Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day...

You know what I miss? Those little cards we used to exchange in grade school.


One of my favorites.

Not that they don't exist anymore. They are still out there, little pieces of cardboard that come 30 or so to a box, with images of Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse… Continue

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With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, I thought I'd talk a little today about love.

We too easily throw the word around. Back in college, there was this girl that I had a major conversation with about saying "I love you."

Yeah, one of those conversations.

I explained my stance that the words, though easily expressed by others, were much tougher for me, because they meant much more to me.

(And, no, it wasn't just some cheap gimmick to get my… Continue

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Tait - Lose This Life

Lose This Life, released in 2003, is the sophomore album of Tait, whose lead singer, Michael Tait, is a former member of DC Talk.


Where to begin? First, let me say, Michael Tait just has an incredible voice. It runs in his family - his sister is Lynda Randle, and if you haven't heard her sing, make the effort. For… Continue

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Sometimes, just getting into the right position is the biggest problem.

I have, in the past, had to pass up certain opportunities just because I wasn't in the right place to take them. The biggest was probably the opportunity to move to New York.

Yeah, that's right - I almost moved to New York.

It was a rather odd set of circumstances. There was a youth ministry position at a church in New York, and, at the same time, there was a film being made in New York. I had… Continue

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