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First photo shows some of the crowd on Saturday at the Phoenix Comic Con. Next is a photo with me and Captain America (God & Country). Next is Bryce Morgan and myself with his Rescue Me comic book. Next is a photo of Naomi's family (with me) in front of the CCAS booth.

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This year’s Tucson Comic Con was held at the Bookman’s Event Center in south Tucson. Bookman’s is a Arizona-based bookstore chain with operations in Tucson, Phoenix and elsewhere. This was the largest venue so far and the convention lasted two days, November 6-7. As the last couple of years Brent Hofstra helped me set up and man the table. (Thanks Brent). This was the best year so far in terms of both ministry and sales.  Ralph Miley who sends me the books included the a dozen copies of the…


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CCAS Table at the Tucson Comic Con Nov. 5 & 6, 2011

If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area on the first weekend in November (5 & 6) stop by and see us at the CCAS table. This is the fourth annual Tucson Comic Con and is at the Bookman Center. We'll have more info later. See you there

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Action at the CCAS Table 2011 Phoenix Comic Con

Here is a short video of some action taking place at the 2011 Phoenix

Comic Con at the CCAS…


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2011 Phoenix Comic Con

Just got back last night from 3 1/2 days at the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con. Last year

I said Wow--this time it is double WOW. The crowds especially on Saturday were

massive. I helped man the Christian Comic Arts Society booth (with Ralph Miley and Kevin

Yong) there and we had many, many wonderful encounters with Christians

("Wow, I'm sure glad you guys are here!").

We had a panel on Sunday morning which was  lightly attended but those there were



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Report of the 2010 Tucson Comic Con

November 6, 2010

(I began writing this shortly after getting home from the Tucson Comic Con November 6, 2010)

Today is the day of the third annual Tucson Comic Con. Got last minute preparations done and packed up the books and table stuff for the Con. Then went over to Brent Hofstra's home and picked him up and we then drove to the Hotel Arizona in Tucson. We parked in the garage across from the hotel and packed our stuff into the exhibit hall. We found our table which was on… Continue

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Mt Blanco Fossil News

Mt Blanco Fossil News

and Journal of Omniology #1 Sept.-Oct. 2010

Several years ago I have the privilege of working for Joe Taylor a West Texas Creationary field paleontologist and fossil restorer. During that time and before Joe spoke of producing a magazine devoted to his discoveries and views on paleontology and other issues that interest him. After many years of intellectual gestation the first issue of the magazine is now available. The issue begins with a lengthy… Continue

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Phoenix Comic Con 2010 !!! Wow (Short Report)

Hi Everyone, May 31, 2010

The 2010 Phoenix Comic Con was simply amazing.

The crowds were like San Diego. Wall-to-wall people. An early estimate was

10,000 to 12,000. I believe it easily exceeded those numbers. The Phoenix Con has graduated from a dealers convention to a full fledged Con with many panels and other events. It reminded me of San Diego maybe 20 years ago when it was a the old S.D. Convention Center. The Convention administration was very gracious, coming… Continue

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CCAS at Phoenix Comic Con

The CCAS will have a literature table at the Phoenix Comic Con

next week at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ. May 27-30, 2010.

Drop by and meet Ralph Miley and Don Ensign.

We will also have a panel discussion on Spiritual Themes in comics

on Saturday morning.Panelists include Joe King, Daniel Bradford

and Tom Hall with Miley and Ensign moderating.

Look… Continue

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For those in the Northern California area the CCAS is having a small press table at WonderCon 2010 this weekend April 2-4 (Friday - Sunday) at the Moscone Center South in San Francisco. Ralph Miley, Buzz Dixon and Paul Lopez will be hosting the table. Stop by and say hi and pray for a good response to the table (SP06).

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Dinosaur Dig in Montana

For those interested in a different kind of vacation here is a great opportunity.

How many comics have you read that have dinosaurs in them? Now you can attend an

actual dinosaur fossil dig in Montana this summer.

The dig is led by a good friend of mine named Aaron Judkins, an experienced excavator.

Aaron is a solid Christian and brings a strong Biblical perspective into the dig

experience. I'd highly recommend this. Please see the information below.…


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Report on the 2009 Tucson Comic Con

For a special CCAS report of the 2009 Tucson Comic Con go to:

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CCAS Table at the Second (2009) Tucson Comic Con

Again this year the CCAS will be having a small press table at the
2009 Tucson Comic Con. If you are in the area please stop by
and say hi. I (Don Ensign) will be working the table. See you there!
God bless.

2009 Tucson Comic Con
November 7, 2009 (Saturday)
10 AM to 7 PM
Free admission

The Hotel Arizona
181 W. Broadway
Tucson, AZ

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CCAS at the 2008 Tucson Comic Con

(This is a personal report of my experience manning the CCAS table at the 2008 Tucson Comic Con, Nov 8, 2008) I packed my material Friday night and headed into Tucson the next morning. I arrived at the Four Winds Sheraton hotel around 8:45 AM and saw a familiar stream of causally clad people lugging in boxes of comics and other merchandise. The location of the Con was in the Convention Center building immediately behind the main hotel. I walked into the building and saw my friend James Babcock… Continue

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CCAS Table at Tucson Comic Con

I will be have a CCAS Table at the first Tucson Comic Con on Saturday, November 8, 2008 (Four Points Sheraton, Speedway & Campbell in Tucson, Arizona). The convention is a one day event from 10 AM to 7 PM. My goals are to have a clear Christian witness and presence at this much smaller convention and to find other Christians locally who have an interest in using this type of media to advance the kingdom. Besides Christian comics for sale we'll have free give away comic tracts and New… Continue

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Interview with Don Ensign on 2008 Guide to Christian Comics

PC Hamerlinck and Don Ensign (right) at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con


Don Ensign is the reserch editor and designer for the 2008 Guide to Christian Comics. Don, how did you come up with the idea of the Guide to Christian Comics?

Don Ensign: CCAS was founded back in 1984 with the idea of looking at comics from a Christian perspective. We started out with a newsletter called

Valiant that… Continue

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2008 Guide to Christian Comics

Full size 64-page edition with extensive coverage of the Christian Comics Industry. Besides the usual news and listings of current and upcoming comics, reports on important events, web comics, company information, important articles (including a an interview with New Creation Entertainment’s Ralph Miley and Don Ensign and a complete chapter from the upcoming Ragged Capes comic) there are also over 30 substantive reviews of recent Christian comics.… Continue

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San Diego 2008 (Short Report

How can on sum up an experience like a modern Comic Book convention that swells to the size of a small city over a four day period? How can on describe the ebb and flow of surging crowds that are in such a hurry to go--where? The Comic Con International: San Diego is a cultural phenomenon that acts both as a barometer of popular culture and an influence of that culture. This weekend (July 24-27, 2008) I attended the 39th San Diego Comic-Con. I… Continue

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Photos from the 2008 San Diego Comic Con

I am going to share some photos I took of CCAS events at the
2008 Comic Con International: San Diego.

These will be the participants of the Saturday and Sunday
CCAS panels.

Reports on activities will come later.


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CCAS Panels at CCI: San Diego 2008

Please join us for our two CCAS panels at Comic-Con 2008!


Spirituality in Comics

Saturday, JULY 26



Spiritual themes weave a significant pattern in the story arc of our comics’ worlds. Hear from distinguished guests Cory Edwards (writer-director Hoodwinked, Fraggle Rock: The Movie), Holly Golightly (School Bites, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Scott Wong (co-founder Brethren Entertainment),… Continue

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