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I'm Back

It's been awhile since i've been on my CCAS page. I promised myself i wouldn't let it slip but between College and trying to write and draw and occasionally playing video games on the week ends and dealing with kids and house work, its crazy. Most of my time is taken up by my school work. I've even stopped cleaning house, which hasn't worked out as well as i had hoped. Ew. I'm just posting to see whats up and to assure all my peeps that i'm not dead yet. LOL Right now i'm trying to write a… Continue

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During Sping Break i had an opportunity to watch the DVD I AM LEGEND with Will Smith. I reall didn't have any expectations for it, good or bad. I'd always intended to read the book or at least watch the Vincent price movie THE LAST MAN ON EARTH which is based on the same novel, but i've never had the opportunity. So my ignorance kept me from developing any sort of opinion, for the most part. I don't Will Smith has made a movie i don't like. I still watch Fresh Prince occasionally. Before i… Continue

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How to Blog

How to Blog.

What makes a Great Blog exactly? Are the most intersting Blogs made by the loud and opinionated? Are they made by the very wise, the ones who make you stop and think and ponder the truth of their words? Are they the ones in which the blogger is asking questions, seeking out some kind of forum to discuss his uncertainties and ideas? Who knows? Maybe its a balance of all three?

I'm still not used to the idea of Blogging. I had several up on MySpace, but later deleted them… Continue

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The One Year Comic

Okay, I decided around mid-December to do something wierd, something that, as far as i know, has never been done before. Every day, for a whole year, i'm going to write one page for an original comic book. I would call it The One Year Comic Book and it would essentially be my thoughts on paper. There was really no plan in the traditional sense, just to write something everyday. And on the days that i miss i can create a separate *filler* comic to put in to those days or pages or whatever. It… Continue

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Moving and Materialism

I hate moving. I used to love it. As a kid we would move every 5-7 years and it was a very exciting time. The new house would mysterious and, well, NEW. I can only remember 3 houses we lived in the entire time i was growing up. Unfortunately that is not the case of my adult life. Due to financial instability we end up moving once or twice a year. I just finished moving (sort of) after living in a house for less than two months.:0 Something that used to be fresh and exciting is now mundane and… Continue

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PALADIN:The Guide to Christian Comics and Games

So i was on youtube watching anime music videos (y'know i love them dang-o anime music videos) when off to the side i saw a link to a video explaining how to make a zine, which for those not in the know, is a little one-sheet book with eight pages. Wow, i've heard of these but i never expected them to be so easy to make. Perfect for anybody that want to put out any kind of literature or anything about their favorite hobbies and what-not. And i've always wanted to see the christian equivalent of… Continue

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Me and my Blog.

"I dreamed instead of did. I hoped and i wished instead of tried."

Max phillips, also know as "Pops" said that in an episode of The Twilight Zone entitled "Vietnam", i believe. Which reminds me, i should probrably put Rod Serling on my list of favorites. That man was a genius and if he wasn't saved i will be very surprised. Anyway, This episode and this particular line has great sentimental value to me. I'm a procrastinator. I've been a procrastinator all my life. Always…


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Me and my Blog.

Hmph. Thats not a bad title. I should use that for like a video blog show or something. "Me and My Blog", catchy like "Attack of the Show". Anyway, i finally got another one of these social networking sites up and running. I like doing these. It like 15 minutes of fame for people like me. I just don't what pics i'm gonna put where. I don't want them all to be the same, that makes them all redundant. Hmmmm.......well, thats something to think about. :)

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