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Power Con, and Facebook page for my project Defenders of Eden!

hey friends, just wanted to drop in a note and let you all know that my project Defenders of Eden has been going extremely well as of late. I have been working on it for about a year now, we finally got to a place where we have stuff to show fans, share, and even a bio book! The power con (a convention specifically geared towards Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in California was an amazing experience. Can't wait to share more about it. here's a…


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hey friends, just wanted to share what has been happening in life lately.

Defenders of Eden facebook page has taken off. Feel free to search us on fb, and like us, and share us!

our desire is to build a small (or large) fanbase before we start our kickstarter page to print our first comic book.

we are getting wonderful response on it, and can't wait to share more images of our characters. we are systematically sharing stuff, so that we…


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greetings fans and friends alike. recently I have heard 2 great pieces of advice. #1. do not get synopsis and story mixed up. I really relate to this one, because sometimes I feel it is so hard to describe my "story" and that leads me to #2. Telling your synopsis in one to two sentences. if you can't tell it in that, you don't know your story well enough. This one really gets me also. Because I do get my story, I wrote it. But i struggle with describing it. so here you have it folks. Synopsis… Continue

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WWJD in publishing a comic????

Greetings friends.

Alot has been on my mind lately about my comic book titled Discipl 6. There has been one constant from the beginning that has alway been a battle, which is the approach, or angle my comic comes at. what i mean by this is, frankly I dont want a christian comic. I dont think thats "all" its suppose to be. In an earlier discussion I have spoken about the separation between the christian/non christian "products" and how I view them. I strip it all down, and ask that… Continue

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Disciple Six Synopsis.


Imagine living your life, searching for a purpose, a meaning to it all, only to discover that in death you will finally achieve that purpose. Disciple 6 tells the tale of six such individuals from many different paths. Living lives of faith and compassion only to have them horrifically ripped away. Yet they have been selected and given a choice: continue to heaven, or return with a gift that could change the world. Long ago a being known only as the scribe, trusted guardian of The… Continue

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talk to me. we need each other.

hey everyone. good to hear from you lately, and i miss talking on here. I think that doing facebook or myspace is easier, but this is a community, and a family that I need to stick with, and although those others are good also in their own right, I really think that we need to start making stronger bonds on here, and get to know each other a bit more. I will make an effort to do so.

thanks and I will talk to you soon.


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should i get copyrights before putting stuff on here?

just curious.


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Living in a Fallen World

Greetings friends and fellow believers. My name is Matthew. and this is my first entry :) One of my biggest struggles as a christian is the separation of the sacred and secular. The method to come together, as christians is one thing. but to separate yourselves as a whole and have little to no connection with the secular is a big problem for me. I always think, if a christians main goal is to spread the seed, share the message. how is that being accomplished on a christian radio station. or a… Continue

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