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East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (2009)

Just came back from Philly, from attending the only Black comic book convention in the US. It was awesome! Lions.12 did really good. I brought 40 comics with me and came back with five. It was smaller than most the cons I've been to, but I could feel the love. I got to see a awesome brother in the lord and ccas member there. Mark I had a good time brother. And I also got to meet Reggie Byers creator of Kidz of the King. Isay the greatest highlight if the trip was getting to minister to a boy… Continue

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Megacon summed up in two words was mega awsome. This was my first year going as a vender and I had a wonderful time. It was the best convention I've been to so far. I was blessed to be there with my mom, good friend Charlie, Gmoss, and I meet Charles from CCAS there. There were so many things to see and do there, I could not experience them all. If you have not experienced Megacon then you need to attend next year.

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What should YOU be doing this year.

I was told by the Lord this is the year to take action. I know you've heard the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few. Now this more true than ever. Now is the time we need to put our foot to the plow and work. How are we suppose to lead people to the Lord if were not in the streets. How are we suppose to lead people to the lord if we don't tell them. My goal this year is to personal lead at least 20 people to the Lord. At my conventions i plan on passing out free comics to the first 10… Continue

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I'm so excited!

To all my friends at CCAS, I am so stoked. Last year was my first year experiencing comic book conventions and I loved it. I am so looking forward to this year, Lions.12 will be attending Megacon, Applecon, The Black age comics, and more. My friends please believe by faith with me that I will be able to attend Wondercon. I've heard stories and I really want to go. Lions.12 mission for this year is to get 200 copies in every unbelievers hand. I want to change as many lives as I can this year, so… Continue

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