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Passing in Family

Hello to my Christian Comic Arts family... I just had a recent passing in my family about 2.5 weeks ago, my grandfather... my dad's dad... Richard Fitzsimons Sr. passed from unknown causes, while not related to dementia battles in the past two years, he passed in his sleep. Since his passing, I have been plagued by anger, frustration, depression, financial troubles, and a negative thought process/mind-set. Please pray that I may be able to find peace among the chaos in my life, and I may be…


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I Passed!!

Hey folks, this was a hard semester for me in college, as a student, and as a Christian, I was being brought into a stage of unbelief and disbelief while taking Anthropology as a class for my course. I kept getting pulled into the realm of ... what if God doesn't exist, and the whole evolution thing. Henceforth, I must profess that life is not easy, but neither is being a Christian. But then again, life is only hard if YOU say it is. Therefor, Jesus is the only way to get to God, and that…


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Hey folks, I remember when the social media exploded after myspace, and when facebook was introduced... I was thrilled with the idea of connecting with old friends and families. I had many people over the years ask where I was, including a young lady who hasn't seen me since kindergarten back in good ol' Long Island, NY. But now, it's like people are posting way too much of their private lives up making it public,and now being subject to both cyber bullying, and even just the most stupidest…


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Projects, and Small Ideas

Hey folks, it seems that since I entered this network of Christian Comic Artists, I have been getting an abundant amount of requests to do something for someone. The answer to your requests, is yes... but one person at a time. Because I am a part time busser at a secular sports bar, and part time college student pursuing graphic design. I may not be able to get to everyone at the same time, but I have been hit with two failing grades lately this semester. So I will be needing to hustle on it…


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Every Season of Life Belongs to Him

Hey folks, you know there is that old saying... que sera sera... or roughly translated to seasons come and seasons go. Well, that is completely true when you find in God's word that yes, for every season in a person's life, there is change, loss, and opportunity. I know this,because God puts people, places or events in our lives for a reason, to strengthen us, to test us, or to hinder us. I not only believe, but I am convinced that the Lord brought me to this place in order to leave the…


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