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Worthwhile webcomics

Four ongoing comics that I regularly check on for excellent art and storytelling:

1) Beauty and the Beast - Delightful yet different than Disney's take on this fairy tale. Amazing ink work.

2) Endtown - Post-apocalyptic brutality coupled with over the top character development and artwork.…


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      Gaborgenheit is a word that I want to hold on to.  Its such a lovely concept that it has its own Wiki page but... the word is not "sticky" in the way that some words cling in your memory. Still Gaborgenheit is worth a Deviant Journal entry.
   WingedWarTigers(Deviant Art site) recently did a really sweet gaborgenheit picture :   Misty Birthday  , which…

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Effectively animated comicstrip

Effectively animated Comic strip

The Bouletcorp  ( ) is a strip done by a widely published French cartoonist who is slowly translating some of his works into English (One strip every month or so). The strips vary from weird to hilarious, but what caught my eye was Boulet’s 3.28.18 strip (“When I am alone”), in which the the punch of the strip is made by five animated panels . Having never seen…


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Opportunities for the New Year 2018

  I am impressed to make a not so grandiose resolution: to strengthen my friendship to someone.  1Thessalonians2:8 reminds me that the heart of the Gospel is not just in meeting physical or spiritual needs of others but, to the degree that we make opportunities, to befriend a small number of people.

    Technology both makes this easy on a surface level and harder on a deeper level; deepening some connections necessitates cutting off other superficial contacts in order to give us more…


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Go see this Movie

   This is a conditional recommendation; you have to really like family values, great story, Pixar animation...and not be put off by a few hundred comedic skeletons. That fit me and I finally got myself to a theater to see Disney-Pixars 3-D animated Movie, CoCo.  In short, this is an awesome story with awesome values and a central dilemma of Family vs. a Personal quest.

    Go see this movie.

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Jesus is calling

“Jesus is calling.”

   I have a deep love-link to Jesus which leads to an emotional jolt every time I hear his name.  I’ve had to control my reactions over the decades of teaching teens in the Latino culture, whose parents have honored their sons with biblical names, including Jesus. It helps me to give Jesus the Spanish pronunciation, ‘Hey-sus’ but over the years these blessed students respond to either pronunciation.  I’ve had to get used to exhorting Jesus to do homework more…


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Inspiration through watching others

Make a place in your week for an inspiring biography/autobiography

 As a Christian, I have been a bit reluctant to do so because I want to keep my focus on Christ; however worthwhile lessons, encouragement and exhortation can come from the lives of everyday people living out exemplary commitments.

   I was reminded of this somewhat accidently as I was flying through the internet, looking for knowledge-resources-inspiration to make me better…


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New sites worth your watch

A couple of websites worth your look-over:

1) Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than; His take on a CS Lewis quote is at GoComics site  and a short bio of his life is here: . Gavin is not a Christian…


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Put some bucks on your belief

Two times to consider making a donation to CCAS:

*When you've got a little $ overage, gotten that bonus for a project well done, or had a large bill that turned out to be a small bill...and you want to give a praise offering: hit the donate button on the left hand side of the  CCAS page.

*When you've got no extra dollars, but giving to a site that is maintained for your benefit; and giving to the work of…


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Holiday Season challenge

Holiday Season 2015 and 2Cor9:6-15

All Souls Day, Los Dias de Muertos, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day and Christmas are among the hundreds of days in a year created by God, and every day should be celebrated. But they are also special  opportunities to worship God and love others, to celebrate the good things in the world and people around us. Rather than grousing at the tawdry commercialism that is once again revving up its tired songs and plastic decor, we can take the…


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Wild Graphic Novel storytelling

  Just finished Creature Tech (Top Shelf productions 2005) by Doug TenNapel. Wow, so creative!  The art is fantastic ink-brush cartooning. Incredibly skillful story takes bizarre twists and turns without every losing my heart or brain. I live close enough to California's central valley to vouch for the authentic valley touches and characters. The theological details (Arthropod heaven for a beloved Mantis bodyguard) are extra-scriptural but the heart of this book is…


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Currently activeArchive Sites for Christian comics

    Part of my ignorance is willful: I don’t Facebook in large part to safeguard what little free time I’ve got.  But an hour of undesignated time plus recent post of a 2011 interview, fired my curiosity up to snoop around the web a little; What other sites are out there archiving Christian…


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Unexpressed good intentions

    I am looking at an undelivered box, sitting on a shelf next to our dining room table. It was supposed to be mailed out to my son in a foreign country but when we found out the cheapest delivery cost exceeded the box’s contents by many times, the project stalled. We’re a really busy family and time passed, and now months later I’m looking at this undelivered box, weighing the value of the contents, both literally and…


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Check out a noteworthy WebComic

    My son introduced me to a great web comic: Stand still. Stay Silent.  by Minna Sundberg . The humor is quirky and charming, the theme is definitely new to me: Post-apocalypse epic journey from a Scandinavian point of view. The human values are insightful; but the art is what's really, really awesome. Wow.

     Minna's productivity is equally amazing:…


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A great Online Comic!

   I'm about halfway through the archive of Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast, and it is a really, really quality read!

Megan is a Toronto based animator who has a deep love and knowledge of Old European stories and culture, and a definite gift for character development and dialogue. You can find the strip at Comic Fury:

    Beauty and the Beast less of a…


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Story pacing and Webcomic design


When does it pay off to slow …down… the reader, or speed them up?

    I’m fascinated by comic format and page design.  Like every newbie, I’m always gawking at the work of other online comics and asking myself why the artist chose a particular page design, and if there was a better format for telling their story.  I am not an expert cartoonist; however I am an expert cartoon fan and this is what I’m seeing.

Webcomics in traditional…


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Looking over the Deviant Art Mega site

Christian sites on the  Deviant “Art” Megasite

Overview of Deviant Art:

   I recently thought that I would do some research into other potential galleries for displaying my comic, in that future time when my strip is far more developed than it is now.  I investigated Deviant Art, probably the largest online free gallery (27million members), and thought I would relay some of my findings.

   Firstly, since there’s no requirement that members post or discuss art in…


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Building a website

I finally got a sequence of twenty pages inked-colored-scripted.  I've read it over and over and think "Hey, that's a workable story, worthy of its own little website."   So, I went to Copyright offices online registration site and, one hour and $35 later, filed an application to copyright my story and its main characters.

  Then I got online to shop for websites and...Wordpress looked good.   I was particularly attracted by the wide range of comics that are publishing(Dr McNinja,…


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Check out these great WebComics

  A lot of Skillful story telling is updating weekly on the web.

    For all of us that are looking for pointers, or just something skillfully different, take a gander at Chris Kozloski's By the Saints. The strip ( is set in 19th century Scotland's war between the Chambers and the Saints.  Its entirely done in pencils but Chris has done so much research into the era…


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Taking CCAS to summer camp

I just returned from volunteering a week as a counselor up at Grace Youth camp up at Mount Palomar (close to San Diego). Awesome!      

     Since this was my fourth summer as a counselor I decided to try something different during the afternoon free time: I took along a portable drawing board, pens and colored pencils. I started sketching out recognizable cartoon…


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