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Hi, everybody!

Could anybody help me develop a name for a character? I have a character in mind for my Arabian Nights/ humor themed comic book. The type of character is the bully who won't come out and fight, but will instead scheme against and lie about the hero, while instigating others to fight them physically, sort of like Cliff Carmichael in the first run in Firestorm. He's arrogant, condescending and a coward, but you can't hit him without making it look like he's telling the truth.

In my heroes' case, he goes on the attack on their day-to-day lives because of their faith (he's gay), so he's attacking them with his associates (not gay) to force them into relative silence.

The problem I have is that I can't come up with an appropriate name for him that doesn't come off as a Bond girl. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless You.

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Go nuts with this. You can plug in all sorts of categories and features.


Thanks. I gave it a try and found a name almost immediately. God Bless You.


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