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I was thinking about a possible serial that would rotate around the "adventures" of an earthworm. You could get a seemingly objective perspective on the human race. The idea came to me when I thought what if containerless time travel took other "organisms" with them? Not so anthropomorphic, just narrated by and from the worm's POV.
Just an idea, sound back with C & C please.

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Sounds interesting... would it be a cartoony worm, or a realistic earthworm? (I would guess it would need to be slightly anthropomorphic in order for the worm to be talking... :)
I think that would be really cool, if it was done well. How long would this comic be?
Definitely realistic, no eyes or other body parts they don't have. The style is photos with photoshop filters/drawing. With fake bait worms I can make him do whatever I want. Muhahaha. :) Sorry. Captions would mainly convey thoughts Don't know how philosophical if any I want him to be. Probably 2-4 panels per wk or more. don't quite know layout either. Probably post on Blogger, I'm already set up there.
I can dig it.


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