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How many active webcomic creators do we have on here?

Can you comment with your comic's name and a link to the site?

Also, please mention when you post (Mondays, Fridays, first of the month, etc).

I have an old webcomic, my first issue of Plasmatic, which I am not currently posting on. Working on issue #2:



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Hello for over 5 years I've been making a silent cartoon comic called Silent Sillies. Currently it's updated Every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. After the presidential election this year I decided the net needed more positive posts and on Tuesday's I post a single panel "motivational" "thoughtful" gag that people seem to be enjoying. I'll attach some of those here.

My efforts got me noticed a year ago and I also make a zombie/ghost comicbook called Lamebrains. (currently issue 2 is looking for pledges on Kickstarter.)


I love the 1920s style animation! Adorable!


I have two active comics running currently;

The first is Dominion, The second is Paul, Zombie Slayer.  they both update on Friday usually , although pzs is a little more sporaddic.

The first is drawn in a comic book / anime style, and is about a group of adventures who aren't very good at it. The second is a stick figure comic about zombies. has been an active web comic since 2010 and I have done as of yesterday 1065 strips. It is essentially a story about an evangelist (Art Newvo) and his 2 friends (Weed & Angus) who go to the city of Babylon and get separated while there. The theme is essentially religion, politics, & coffee. I try to post everyday, but sometimes get backlogged because of work. I was able to post every day in 2016. Not so much in 2017 due to many factors.

I ran my GN as a web comic until it was completed. I would post 1 page every Monday.

I make The Silver Eye webcomic: I post a page every Friday.

Incredibly beautiful work! it's inspiring!

Hi!  I have two comics I worked on for ten years.  I've relaunched them recently on wordpress and they post every weekday.  The first is When Foxes Fly, which is an anthro spoof of superheroes and villians.  The other is a fantasy webcomic called Legends of Whoelterran.  Each one is full of Christian metaphors, and symbolism.  

I have a webcomic called LABS. It's focused around a scientist named Ian and the robot he trains at a research facility called "LABS" (Large And Bulky Stuff).

You can read it at It updates on "Saturdays." (I actually post on Friday nights)

Hey Guys, I have added links to all of your comics on a new page, Webcomics Links.

Let me know if you have a piece of artwork that best represents your link. I will add that as well.

Also----let me know if you'd prefer to not be listed.

Hopefully, when i have time i will try to get your latest posts uploaded onto this page directly, but i need to figure out how to do that with our current web host.

Thanks Tom!  I really appreciate it! ^_^


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