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Ok, just start out with a discussion, do you feel led to create a comic? Graphic Novel? If so and the Lord has lain something on your heart, then please share if you would like, need help? Encouragement? We are here and all a family *hugs everyone* God Bless!

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Hello there everyone. I'm not sure I've been 'led' to do amateur Christian comics, rather, I think that the Lord graciously allows me to do them because He is kind and loving. It's been a long and difficult road coming to the realization that I have limited talents and will never be one of the professionals in Christian comics. But it really is alright. Amateur comics are fun, and I'm sure God reads them:)

Oh, I'm Gerry Lee. I am a member of the CCAS APA-zine "Alpha Omega", and an occasional contributer to Cyberlight Comics. If you want to see my Christian Flavored Scribble Comics, please follow this link:

I'm the sort of person that usually settles for my first attempt at something, because I ride the emotional high of the initial burst of creativity to create it. When the feelings gone, comic making can feel a bit tedious to me, so I rarely rework or edit things unless it's drastically necessary. But I really could use all of your critiques and comments, and plenty of encouragement, for future installments of the story.

Well, that's enough about me for now, what can I do for all of you? Thank you for making this club, I'm really looking forward to being active here and in the CCAS network with all of you.

God bless you all, and your loved ones:)
Gerry Lee
i would have to say yes definently. i was working at a car delirship at the time repainting car bumpers and the delership at the time even created the car painting department just for me ant they became very happy of the work i was putting out when i have gotten this overwelming feeling of making a christian comic book so i just prayed and sayed I dont have anytime to do this comic with all the work i was haveing to do at the time i prayed that if its his will i need to be fired or somthing because i knew my parents would help me out with my bills only if that was to happen, and can you belive it about a month later i was fired from my job lol its funny because i havent been so happy geting a clear response from god. I also had a couple of ideas for a comic book so one day in church i was praying about which comic book i should start out with and as soon as i was done praying the church worship team started out with a song where in the first sentence was the name of one of my comic book ideas "Spirit of Truth" so now im workin on my book and attending college for an ilistration degree. He work in mysterious ways thats all i got to say.
Yes, God does work in ways we sometimes do and other times, lol, don't understand, just don't let Satan get in the way of what you are to do for God, as a witness and glory to him, because as we all know, he doesn't like it when God is glorified and will try it all to dissuade you from it, may the Lord guide you and bless you!

Hello Joseph,
God certainly can make use of even difficult situations for His great glory. I will pray that He give you inspiration and abilities to see the vision for a Christian comic He has given you to fruition. Can you tell us a bit about your project? We'd love to hear about it:)

God bless you all,
Gerry Lee
sure i have the first 6 pgs on my pg if you want to check it out. Im drawing a chrstian comic for non christian people. so i dont want it to become to flowery and preachy because i dont want to scare anyone off, but its about a troubled highschool kid whos name is Amos who is new to a school. Hes new because him and his dad moved to a new place because of what happened to his mother and the memories which were in his past. When Amos starts his classes a christian kid by the name of John tries to befriend him which causes Amos to tell him off. So Amos diches school and goes through this desert and because of his moms merder he dosn't belive in god. when he travles through the desert hes interupted by god who shows Amos his fate in hell if he dosn't choose the right path. god ends up giving amos gogles which to see angles, demonds, and his Conscience on his sholder. Hes also marks Amos with tatoos that are on his forarms which spewes smoke when he fights. What ends up happining is amos becomes a warrior for god with the help of his gardian angle fighting demonds and helping people into heaven.

Thanks for the coments by the way and god bless you right back
Joseph Ramirez
Hi all,
Well um I originally didn't set out to make a comic, in fact I spent half my life pursuing Christian music. When that didn't happen on my time table I got discouraged and quit. In that time of feeling sorry for myself I started drawing. Years after I went to the Sci-Fi Expo convention where I first heard about, I decided to look it up. From there I felt like making a comic of my own and since I liked mangas I started with a web comic called Dark World. Three years ago while I was working on DW God gave me the character and story of Jackket Knightmare. After I prayed about it God told me to finish Jackket and stop working on the other projects, so that's what I did and that's what I'm working on. Jackket's story is very different from anything I ever wrote before or any style I've done before, so I just know that this is not from me at all.
Anyway, I haven't been able to draw much lately for the story because I feel like there's something more that God wants me to say in this story and I'm not sure yet what it is. If you all can please pray for me that God will give me the inspiration to write and draw so I can finish the first issue that would make me most grateful.
PS I'm glad to be here and to read your testimonies! I pray that God will direct you guys as you work on the projects God has given you. :-D
God Bless,
I've been working on my book for way too many years, but I've gotten thrown off course with Megazeen and some other projects along the way. I definitely feel as though God led me to tell this story of the hugeness of God and the real human side to his disciples. It is a departure from the scripture-laced dialogue that's found in many comics. Life is about real struggles and gradual acceptance, it's about friendship and love. Few of us had an instantaneous rebirth with Christ- it was more of a painful journey that forced us to accept certain things about ourselves, and usually it was because somebody out there prayed with us and spent time with us. Now, you take all that and place it in a sci-fi setting with some wacky aliens and you've got Colossians, my pet project. First issue is near complete, next three issues are plotted out with some willing artists ready to go. I'm getting excited to see the support growing for it.
Wow, the level of talent I'm seeing in all of you is quite impressive! Each of you has a wonderful project in the works. Over the last couple of days I've decided to focus on writing instead of comic art, so I'll bow out of this club. But I'll be praying for all of you, and your projects!

God bless you all,
Gerry Lee
No, I've never felt led to make a christian comic. Thats like saying i felt led to drink water or led to breath air. I've been drawing since i was 6 and i know in my heart that God created me to draw. And the book i'm working on now "The Holy Spirit" i think is a blessing from God. Whenever i'm designing a character it usually takes me a few days if not weeks to decide on a look, even then it ends up being kinda derivitive. But the look for the Holy Spirit came instantly and is probrably one of the best. hats how i know its from God.
I kinda ran into it! I had tried to create one traditionally but was soon overwhelmed by the sheer amount redtape and money. I was discouraged so much I quit drawing altogether. I created a Deviantart page. JCServant made a comment on one of my pics and as a form of appreciation i visited his page. I found a link to Cyberlight Comics and checked it out. what I found was a cool way to present comics.

Soon JC and I where chatting about stuff. I asked about how about going about setting up a comic online. with One phone call Second Chances was born. so do I feel I was led ...... OH Yes! God so works in unexplainable and truely awe inspiring ways.
Wow, that incredible.

I actually had a really big problem with comics and stuff for a long time. Like, I thought they were fine for occasional entertainment, but they were a really limited art form, and certainly not anything I would be interested in doing. I figured I'd end up just doing graphic design or something similar; and all the stories and characters I had in my head would just stay there (since I wasn't much of a writer!).

Eventually though, I realized all the possibilities comics could have as an art form, despite what had 'been done' before. Comics have the same narrative possibilities that books or movies have, if not more; and they were a medium that was relatively unexplored by Christians- something that made me really sad, especially because I saw so many broken hearts in the readers (namely friends). I decided I wanted to change that. It took me MUCH longer to realize though, that the story God was telling me to tell was the one closest to my heart- my own, and those of my characters.

It's hard. Most people are pretty supportive, but it's still difficult. I know the challenges that are ahead of me, but I'm learning to surrender and not worry about what's going to happen; just let God speak through me. I think it will be awesome, one day. :)

I love reading everyone else's stories, they're very encouraging, btw.


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