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Author notes

This is a story I wrote on and no one has reviewed it so Imposting it here to see if someone will read it.

Sorry if the spelling sucks im not good at spelling hopfully you can read through my mess ups.


The small screech sound zipped into my ear like a dart. I was sleeping in my bed and sat up quickly. It came again I jumped out of my bed and ran to my window. I couldn't see anything it was so dark. Then I heard the scream again. I turn and ran out of my room and down the stairs. All the candles were out. I ran over to the large clock in the corner and it was pointing to 9:45 in the morning! Why was it so dark. The the scream louder punctured my ear like a fist.

I opened my front door and clooked out side it too was dark with a thick clouds of fog resting on the ground. I looked up to the sky searching for the sun but all I could see was dark depressing clouds strerch over every corner of the sky. Once again the scream sored through the fog to me ears periceing it like a dagger.

I yelled" Who's there, were are you?" In reply I herd a womans cry for help "Help, somebody Help!"

I could tell there was disstress in her voice I turned around looking into my house reaching twords the hook were my belt and short sword hanged. I felt it grabbed it and hooked it around my waste. turning with a dash I sprinted twords the dark.

I hered her screams once more "Help please I can't I just can't...."

I took three steps and I could see laying in front of me a young woman, Ive notice her I knew who she was. Then i remembered she was Alisha Prinkett the daughter of Joel Prinkett the farmer. I worked for him just last weekend on his farm.

"Alisha is that you?"

"Xander? Xander oh thank goodness!"

"What happen?"

"Ive spraned my ackle and thats not the worst"

"What happen why is is so dark? Where is everyone?"

"The darkness roled over at eight in the morning. When it did a group of men dressed in armor and riding horse back game slaughtering everyone in the main villiage. I ran over to outskirts to your house when I tripped and fell not being able to move."

"Do you know who these men were?"

"No, but I did here them say "Long live Lord Shamar!"

"Lord Shamar, like from the stories are parents use to tell us?"

"I guess, can you take me to your house I need to rest and we can talk more there."

"Ok,lets go" So in hast i caried Alisha to my home laying her on my rocker in front of the fire place. I lit some candles and started a fire. I grabbed some bandage and wrapped Alisha's ankle.

"Alisha I must go into town and see what its going on ok, if it is like the storie we were told Shamar would return and rule over the Kingdom of Harshare. I must go."

"No, please don't, what if you do not return?"

"My horse Gunseed will take you to the next town over Fort Lear. You will find help there, but only go if I'm not back in an hour."

I ran out the door sprinting only seeing a foot in front of me untill I got to the small hill out side of my town of Goode Vale. Then I saw most horrid things bodys of my fellow villagers lying lifeless on the ground. Homes and shops burning to the ground. The I saw 10 men dressed in armor on horse with large swords riding away. I ran down to the center of town and looked around intill I got to the Old pub called Ole Willickers. I move inside finding desrction. I turned to walk out untill I herd a faint sound.

"Hello?" I drew my sword.

"Xander is that you boy? I looked it was the owner Old man Willicker lying on the floor.

"Mr. Willicker what happen?'

"He is back, and you my boy must destroy him that why you are here in this town."

"Lord Shamar..Me?"

"Yes,.....there is no time here take this bag it has all you need take it and save our Kingdom. Old Man Willicker closed his eyes and passed.

I ran back home and opened the bag.

"So he said you must defeat him? it is true you are the one they talk about in the stories."

"I dont know..."

" Well you dont know your parents and you have live by yourself your whole life you are him my mother even said you were."

Ignoring Alisha I pulled out every thing in it, it was a sheild and armor.

" Look its the emblum of the chosen one on the shield the same on your sword you have, see you are him."

I started to see what Alisha was seeing, it all started to make sence I am the "One" I must defeat Lord Shamar,...but how?.....

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