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I haven't been here in a long time, but I have been meaning to try getting back into creating Christian comics again.

The one I wish to create most involves someone who grows up in poverty and wishes to fight against injustice and corruption in his country but feels powerless to do so. He soon meets a Christian missionary with a lot of money, who's heard of some of the good things the main character has done for the community and agrees to fund him secretly. Though the main character's actions and traits are often questionable; such as claiming to fight for God, even though he apparently got saved recently. And the missionary who funds him is starting to doubt the other's character and actions, even after all the advice and guidance.

Maybe the theme would be redemption and the main character realizes how flawed he is after many mess ups, but still wants to fight for freedom in a more Christian way.

Though much of the content might be questionable for a Christian comic, it might help it get attention.

I have many ideas for this comic, but also feel I could use a writer who is knowledgeable in how politics and revolutions work or similar situations. Though I should research more of that myself too.

I would like to create Christian comics that are different from the usual ones I have seen.

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I think so. Some of the heroes in the Bible didn't want to be heroes (Moses for instance).      

Dear Mr. Duarte:
To echo Mr. Ives, many of the giants of the scriptures didn't want to be heroes. I think your idea has a great deal of merit, however. It might be good to show his adventures being a journey from darkness to light, however, with the hero coming to Christ at the end of his struggles, growing in the process.
Lovely idea. I think an anti hero Christian comic could work if pulled off with enough genius. If you look from the perspective of the then-religious leaders and critics, Jesus Himself was an anti hero.

You're right. Though my character would kind of be arrogant at times and maybe not afraid to use some violence to get his point across, if that's acceptable.

I have to agree again, especially in light of today's society. In fact, that could work very well with a hero who is already a Christian, but is in a job such as a policeman a la "Law and Order: SVU", where he deals with the worst of humanity and everybody's sins are laid bare and he would find it very gratifying to 'get his point across' physically. Conversely, he could be a private eye a la Mike Hammer, where he learns of the secrets of the 'good people' and has to deal with the issues he faces in that fashion. Lastly, he could be in the military, in a outfit like Delta Force, where every mission he goes on is a direct violation of his beliefs.

Finally, there could also be a situation like Hartigan's in 'Sin City, where if he is going to defeat the villain, he has to play dirty. Conversely,  your story could be about a Christian who already crossed the line and has his whole world turn on him, leaving him with no other option to to sink to their level simply to defend himself or serve God (been there).

Any of the above would make an excellent story. I can;t wait to see you have done. God Bless You.

What if this character was a revolutionary?

It sounds like an interesting idea. It’s really relevant considering the corruption in the church throughout its history. I’m interested in seeing the issue tackled by a Christian artist.

Don't worry about the "Christian" label. Just write a good story from your heart. If Jesus rules your heart with visions and dreams, something good will come out.


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