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I've been trying to decide what happens to Brianna's clothes when she uses her shapeshifting powers. My original thought was to have her "normal" clothes not transform with her, but have her in bike shorts and a tight tank top that will. My other thought was to not have her clothes transform with her at all (which makes more sense with the way her powers work). I came up with some funny (but NOT inappropriate) scenes where she can't find her clothes after changing back (as well as being a way two villains find out her secret in an action scene later in the series). This would also add drama to the story as she's partially unconscious while transforming (and changing back), so she constantly lives in fear. The series is geared more at older teens and adults (in terms of the issues discussed, NOT objectionable content) but I don't want the series to come off as "fanservice" (anime/manga fans will know what that means) or sexual in nature (obviously). What do you guys think? Also, please don't get into a big argument over this.

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I think it makes more sense for her clothes to not transform at all. I understand your desire for modesty, but it doesn't make sense to only have some of her clothes transform, but not the others. You definitely need to address it, but it shouldn't be a central part of the entire story.

You could have a humorous scene when she first transforms and loses her clothes. It can be funny and embarrassing, but not scandalous. Then, once she realizes whats happening, she can plan for that. Think about the old Spider-Man comics where Peter Parker would stash his street clothes in an alley or a garbage can and then go back to get them after he was done crimefighting. Brianna could do something like that.

After a few issues, that could just be the standard way she handles it, your readers will know it, and you don't have to address it every time she changes.

I think a key question is how well can she control her transformation back to human. If she can, then she can stash clothing or just know where every thrift store with a changing room is located in town.

Either way Kevin is right, once you and your readers know the rules then you can have some fun with plot twists.


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