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What Is The Most Successful Christian Comic Book Title?

Hey Friends

Since we all desire a certain level of success in this business/ministry of Christian Comics ,I thought that I would ask a question. Who or what is the most successful Christian comic book title? I'm defining success by popularity/exposure, longevity and units moved. Why have certain titles "made it" while other "seem" to limp along? In this quest to be successful I'm looking to them that have managed to end up in the light. This is by no means a new topic or give man the glory mission, but valuable in terms of research and the ability to get solid content to a community that is willing to recieve and consume it.

Clint D. Johnson

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I would have guessed Marvel, because llluminator was published, copyrighted and trademarked by Marvel. It was also anchored in Marvel continuity (issue #1 refers to Dallas as "the place where the X-Men were supposed to have died.") It would be nice to find out, even though I can't afford to do anything with it.

Ralph Ellis Miley said:
I haven't a clue as who would own the rights to the Illuminator. I would assume it would be Thomas Nelson... I seriously doubt that TN knows that it owns the rights.
I think Reggie Byer's Kidz of the King either had or is still having a good run with UMI as a Sunday school supplement (of all things). They weren't numbered, but last time I checked, there's at least a dozen of them. I believe they came out quarterly, but I'm not certain of that.

Speaking of UMI, does anyone know what's happening with their Guardian line? I have a couple issues of Seekers because I met writer Kevin McCarthy a couple years ago.
though the run is probably not long enough to be considered, i think the production quality as well as sales and what it's doing as far as missionary and ministry work, i'd look at Manga Messiah, Manga Metamorphosis. They sell all over the world and even have smaller, shorter versions which they both give away and sell in various languages. Does anyone know their sales #'s?


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